Saturday, March 31, 2007

It's the Bruins All the Way, Baby!


Georgetown: 78
Ohio State: 74

UCLA: 81
Florida: 75


UCLA: 79
Georgetown: 71
(THE NEXT DAY: This is one reason why I don't bet on games anymore. I am terrible at predicting the outcome. I couldn't have been more wrong here. Ouch!)

Grandfather Clocks are Wonderfully Old-School

There’s something so traditional and majestic about a grandfather clock. Whenever I see one, I think about old Victorian homes or legendary castles. Like Wayne Manor in the Batman series. Grandfather clocks are from the days when craftsmanship and detail were important. Now people have digital clocks that are about as beautiful as metal and plastic. A grandfather clock just makes you feel more secure, as it chimes in to tell you when a new hour is starting. As the Rolling Stones say, “Time is On Our Side” – and a grandfather clock makes us feel like it’s really true.

Isagenix Day 13: Exorcising My Toxic Demons

Today I start Day 13 of my Isagenix 30-Day Program. This morning I weighed myself and I have lost about 15 pounds since I started the program almost two weeks ago. The cleanse part of the program has really started to make itself more evident. I think it takes several cleanse days to really start pushing those demonic toxins toward the door(s), and I can really start to feel them as they exit my body. These little devils are being exorcised and I am happy to say adios to them. I am starting to really look forward to my shakes every day. I’m now doing two shakes, eating snacks during the day and then having a really sensible, portion-controlled meal in the evening. Last night I had half a chicken breast with some salsa, a small salad, some baby carrots, a couple pieces of broccoli and some sugar-free, fat-free lime Jell-O for dessert. I went to bed completely satisfied.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Wally Westlake

Yesterday I interviewed a former MLB player named Wally Westlake. He's 87 years old. What a wonderful guy. Wally played in the late 40's and 50's for a variety of teams, most notably the Pittsburgh Pirates. I love interviewing these old retire players, listening to their stories and hearing about their careers.

Isagenix Day 11: Losing My Inner Jabba

I’m entering Day 11 of my 30-Day Isagenix Cleansing Program and the weight loss train just keeps rolling down the track. I did my two cleanse days on Tuesday and Wednesday while on the road for my job in Sacramento. It was a little tough, because I was in meetings both days, so I had to sneak out to my car and drink my stuff. And then I had to go to the bathroom all day too. But, it all worked out. I’m happy to report that I have now lost 13.5 lbs. and 2.5 inches in my waist since I started this program. It’s really an amazing thing! Sometimes I feel like I’ve lost a lot and then other times it’s like I can’t tell. It’s a gradual process – I compare it to an iceberg slowly melting. When I put on my clothes I can really tell that the poundage is dropping off. My pants are not as tight around the waist. I don’t feel like Jabba the Hut anymore. Hopefully pretty soon I’ll start looking like Luke Skywalker. Isagenix has been a huge success for me so far!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

SF is a Lousy Town for Dogs to Live in and Here's Why

I am so tired hearing about how San Francisco is a great dog town. People are always talking about the 120,000 dogs in this city and how the people here just love and embrace canines. The fact of the matter is that it’s all just one big pile of rancid poo. San Francisco doesn’t welcome dogs. The seagulls and sea lions down at Fisherman’s Wharf have more rights. To be honest, the citizens and politicians in this area do everything they can to discourage people from owning dogs in SF. This latest story is just another example that illustrates how anti-pooch this city really is. The Animal Control and Welfare Commission is currently urging the SF Board of Supervisors to adopt legislation that will allow landlords to raise a tenant’s rent 5 percent per pet as an incentive for property owners to be more open to welcoming animals into their apartments or homes. Local dog owner Rex Reginald, a recent Los Angeles transplant, is behind the effort. Currently, it is so difficult to rent a place if you own dogs that many people are forced to give up their pets in order to find somewhere to live. If you do get to keep your dog, it usually means that you have to move into an area that’s sub par – unsafe, unclean or unkempt – just because you want to own a dog. Reginald came up with a proposal a while back that would have given a property-tax break for owners of rental apartments if they rented to pet owners. It was soundly rejected. The city should have stepped up and approved that bill, but like I said, people don’t like dogs in this stuck-up snooty place. The bleeding liberals in this town full of hypocrites enjoy the reputation of being an animal-friendly place, but when it comes time to put up or shut up, they’re all bark and no bite. You can have a dog, as long as it doesn’t bark, crap, go outside….or breath. Now landlords are going to be able to charge pet owners even more money and gouge people even further. Responsible dog owners are better tenants than most, as a rule. They go out of their way to make sure they don’t destroy the place and will always be certain that their living quarters are kept clean. They steam clean the carpets more often; they have maids in many cases – not to mention the security a dog on the premises provides from break-ins and burglaries. Kids cause more trouble and are more likely to damage property than any dog is. When was the last time you heard about a dog drawing on the walls with crayons or taking a dump down a heating vent? (Both things we did when we were kids, by the way.) Irresponsible dog owners give all dog owners a bad name, and that’s a shame. And landlords should be able to determine who they want to rent to without the city dictating the terms. But, let’s get down to the bone of the matter. San Francisco is NOT a dog-friendly town. It’s a money-friendly, income-friendly, tax payer-friendly, high rent-friendly, yuppie-friendly town. Dogs are second-class citizens here, and the sooner the media spin stops the better. If SF wants to take our pets out of the doghouse, they need to do something to make us believe that they care about them, instead of consistently lifting their legs on pet owners with more restrictions and added costs. And allowing landlords to raise dog owners’ rents is surely not the solution.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Day 8: I Stayed Away from the Fridge! And the TV!

Today is Day 8 of my Isagenix 30-Day Program. I knew my first weekend on the program would be tough, which it was. In the past, the weekend was when I really did the majority of my over-eating. I would go out for breakfast and/or lunch, gorge myself to the limit and then waddle around from refrigerator to TV; back and forth all weekend long. But, by losing some weight already, I’ve gotten a good jump on it and Isagenix has given me the confidence to extricate myself from my old ways.

On Saturday I did three shakes and on Sunday I did eat some food, pretty much for the first time all week. My fiancée, who is really being super supportive, made some great low-fat tuna burgers. I had two small burgers without bread, some sliced tomatoes and an apple. I also had some salsa to add a little zip to the burgers. Overall, I figure the meal was about 350 calories and it tasted great. I went to bed happy and slept well once again. I also did two one-hour walks down to Fisherman’s Wharf with the dogs.

Today I’m doing the three shakes again (One of them will have a banana in it) and tomorrow I’ll do another 2-day cleanse. This will be a big test because I have to go to Sacramento for my job and there will be a lot of food temptations to avoid. But, I know I can do it because I feel great and this program is really working.

I got an e-mail yesterday about a fellow Isagenix Program member who is doing a daily journal blog about his experiences with the program. His name is Zach and his blog is: I look forward to reading his journal to help me. Knowing someone is in the same boat as I am will undoubtedly be an inspiration. Zach’s goal is to lose 180 lbs. by June 30th. Wow! That’s an amazing goal, but I wish him the best of luck. With Isagenix, I’m beginning to believe that anything is possible!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Market Research Predicates Our Future

I never realized how huge and widespread the market research industry is. Angelina and I have been doing a lot of focus groups and testing products throughout the Bay Area lately. The best thing about it is that they usually pay very well. Market research companies spend a lot of time, money and effort to gather data on what people like and dislike and why. Trends in food, clothing, technology, music, movies, books, medicine and more – market research companies set the tone for what we’ll be wearing, eating and doing to entertain ourselves in the future.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Losing Your Hair? Don't Despair!

Luckily, I haven’t lost my hair at the ripe middle age of 48. Some folks aren’t as fortunate. That’s why Hair Replacement technology is something they should be happy to know is very advanced and quite affordable. I have several friends who are losing their hair. I’m not going to mention their names but they know who they are. When you get into your late 40’s and early 50’s, pattern baldness is another on of the unfortunate things you have to look forward to. You figure the carpets in your home start to go after a few years, so it just makes sense that your hair is going to start falling out eventually. Fear not, baldies – Hair Replacement has come a long way, baby!

If You Don't Have Powell Furniture, You're Missing Out!

The first Powell furniture was introduced into the furniture market in 1968 and has developed into the one of the best brands of furniture that you’ll find anywhere on the planet. Powell offers a tremendous selection of amazing products that are ideal for people who want the very best at great prices. Powell furniture is really wonderful, high-quality furniture that will last a lifetime. For some of the finest furniture in the entire world, the name to always remember is Powell. Put it in your home and just enjoy, baby! That’s what life is all about anyway, isn’t it?

Isagenix Day Six: Feeling Stronger Every Day

It’s early on Day Six of My Isagenix 30-day Program. Yesterday when I was out walking my dogs, I heard the song by Chicago called “Feeling Stronger Every Day.” I couldn’t relate more. The energy you get from this program is absolutely unbelievable and I truly am feeling strength and vigor I didn’t have before. Things that I’ve been putting off, like washing my car, doing laundry, writing letters and thank you cards, working out and fixing things in the house – now I’m doing them because I’ve got this new surge of energy thanks to Isagenix.

Isagenix is so much more than a weight loss solution. It’s a nutritional and cleansing plan that puts things into your body that you’re probably not getting if you’re living the way most people on the rest of the planet do. I’m really beginning to get excited about this program – in five full days I’ve lost just over 8 pounds!

At this rate, I’ll be down at least 50 by the time I’ve completed the 90-day program. But, I’m not going to rush it or let my expectations get too high. The way I look at it is, it took me a long time to gain all this luggage, so if it takes a while to get rid of it, that’s just fine. I’ve decided to do a more accelerated version of the Isagenix Program – I’m doing the 9-day Program and drinking 3 shakes a day rather than eating a 400-600 calorie meal, at least for the first 10 days – and so far the results are amazing. I eat a few snacks every day, mostly organic, unsalted almonds and organic apple slices, and I’m never hungry.

I thought I’d be stressed out trying to make so many changes overnight (I stopped drinking alcohol, I quit smoking recently and now I’m not eating the fat-filled diet I used to enjoy), but so far it’s been surprisingly easy.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Napa Schools Pull the Trigger on Tigger

Our public schools are turning our children into zombies with drugs like Ritalin. They’re taking away their creativity and incentive to learn by dumbing classes down to the lowest common denominator. And for a long time now they’ve been telling them what to wear.
Some schools prohibit kids from wearing gang colors. Others ban short skirts. Bandanas, beanies, sunglasses, baseball hats, wristbands and even certain jewelry have been prohibited from certain schools throughout the country. But 14-year-old Toni Kay Scott’s parents say they were completely taken by surprise when told that their daughter’s school outlawed Tigger on a pair of socks.
For attending class at a Napa middle school wearing socks displaying the Winnie the Pooh character -- in violation of the school's solid-colors-only, no-pictures, no-logos dress code -- the seventh-grader was sent to the principal's office, and then in a detention program called Students With Attitude Problems.
Toni Kay, now an eighth-grade honors student, said that she's been cited more than a dozen times and sent home from school twice, for such infractions as wearing a polo shirt with the manufacturer's butterfly logo, a pair of pink tennis shoes and a shirt with the insignia of the anti-drug program D.A.R.E.
The incident has caused an avalanche of controversy and Napa Valley Unified School District, which approved the code, is now in court over the whole affair.
The school's "unconstitutionally vague, overbroad and restrictive uniform dress code policy'' flouts state law, violates freedom of expression, and wastes teachers' and students' time and attention that would be better spent on education, the American Civil Liberties Union said in a suit filed Monday on behalf of six students and their parents.
The school policy, in effect for more than a decade, requires students' clothes and backpacks to be entirely solid colors: The only colors permitted are blue, white, green, yellow, khaki, gray, brown and black. The only acceptable fabrics are cotton twill, chino and corduroy. No jeans or "denim-looking'' clothes allowed. No pictures, words, symbols or patterns, except the school logo. And definitely no Tigger. Or Mickey. Or Goofy, for that matter.
I think this is ridiculous. I can see the thinking behind banning clothing emblazoned with logos or messages that may be interpreted as being gang-related, religiously offensive or obscene. But, how can a cartoon tiger be considered offensive by any stretch of the imagination? Is there a subversive band of thugs out there called the Tiggers that we’re not aware of? Are they rumbling after school with the Spongebob Squarepants mob? Are they hijacking tricycles with the Rugrats crew?
This is another prime example of people in power making stupid decisions and then letting the courts do the dirty work. This is going to end up costing the Napa Valley Unified School District a lot of money in legal fees, and guess who pays for that? As they say: Those who can’t…teach. And those who can’t teach become school administrators and make up really stupid rules like this one.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Day 4: Isa Loving This!

I’m going into Day Four of my Isagenix 30-Day IsaCleanse Program and I have lost a total of 6.5 pounds in just three days! Yesterday was the first of my cleansing days. It was surprisingly easy! Four times during the course of the day, I drank a half-cup of a drink called Cleanse for Life, mixed with 8 ounces of cold purified water. I was worried that this liquid that looks kind of like apple cider would taste bad. But, it was surprisingly good. Then, I took my Ionix Supreme, one caplet of IsaFlush! and two Natural Accelerator Capsules. The IsaFlush! is used to move things through your system. And the Natural Accelerator Capsules speed up your metabolism so that you burn food more efficiently. Today I’m doing another cleanse day, and then I’m back to the shakes tomorrow. Sometimes I guess people get headaches during their cleansing days, but I felt fine. I drank a ton of water and hit the john like a racehorse all day, but I didn’t mind. I figure that’s all the toxins that have built up in my body over 48 years making their way to the exit. Today I do notice that my head is itching a little bit, which I imagine might be toxins coming out through my scalp. Hey, if they want to come out through my eyeballs, that’s fine with me! Good riddance. Another thing I’ve noticed is improved sleep. In just three days, my nights have improved 100%! I am waking up less often, my fiancée says my snoring has cut way down, and my dreams aren’t as weird as they were before when I was waking up all night. I also have energy like I’ve never had. My dogs Shelly and Ratdog are going to benefit from Isagenix, because I am now taking them on long walks down to the Presidio and Fisherman’s Wharf. Before, I would walk them to Fillmore Street and back, a total of about 8 blocks. Now I’m walking at least three miles, a 1 hour and fifteen minute brisk jaunt through beautiful San Francisco. I am so enthused about Isagenix that I now have my very own Isagenix web site. I have also entered the Isa Body Challenge, which I will write about more in a future posting. My counselor is John Ettema and he is great. If anyone has any questions about this program, you should probably call John, because obviously I’m still a rookie. His phone number is: (408) 813-1325. He’s really helpful and won’t try to hard sell you. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I'm Officially Quitting the Cancer Game

One of the things that I did prior to embarking on my Isagenix program was to quit smoking cigarettes. It wasn't like I was ever a chronic smoker (maybe 3-5 cancer sticks per week), but it's a bad habit and I'm happy to be rid of it. After a while, it got so I didn't even know why I kept doing it. My mouth felt like an ash tray and my breath smelled like burnt burlap (according to my lovely fiancee). I wasn't even getting any pleasure out of it anymore. It's been three weeks since I've had a puff, and I feel great! My brother had a pretty serious heart attack a few years back and even though he's in great shape and not overweight, he smoked for quite a while. The main artery to his heart was completely clogged! The doctors determined that tobacco consumption was the main cause of his heart attack. After that incident, I stopped for about a year, but after a while I started up again. I'm so happy and hopeful to be on the path away from cigarettes and I feel better as a result. For all my readers who are still smoking, try to quit. It's tough the first few days, but after that it gets much easier.

This Week's Restaurant Review: Perry's in SF

(Now that I'm on Isagenix, I am not eating out at restaurants -- at least for the next 90 days. But, because I'm getting paid to write these reviews (visit I still have to write one a week. Luckily, I have a reservoir of places I've been to recently but have yet to review.)

Places like Perry’s are great as long as you’re not expecting high-end cuisine. If you’re in the mood for good basic, well-made, fresh food, then Perry's is a smart pick. Perry’s offers traditional things served in an informal atmosphere. We’re talking hamburgers, steaks, fish and chips, grilled fish, fried chicken and prime rib sandwiches. Perry's is also well-known known for their Lobster Madness on Wednesday and Saturday nights. For less than $20, you get a one-and a-quarter pound Maine lobster with accompaniments starting at 5 pm. It’s a great deal for a good-sized crustacean, but I would suggest you get there early, because the deal runs out when the lobsters are gone, usually by 8 pm. Perry’s is a San Francisco legend that goes back many decades. Lots of SF’s celebrities, bluebloods and natives go there religiously. The bar itself is a microcosm of the city. Deals go down, relationships are started and people do all kinds of business seated along the old oak bar at Perry’s. The bartenders are all characters in their own right and seasoned veterans of this whole scene. Watching them work the patrons while mixing great drinks at lightning speed is a form of entertainment all its own. The crowd is a mixture of young college kids, grizzled old timers, suits, people watchers and tourists. Weekend brunchers flock to Perry’s to sip Bloody Marys and munch breakfast items, sandwiches and salads at one of the four coveted outdoor tables. For those who want to get out of the sun (or fog), there’s a large bar/dining room featuring sports memorabilia and magazine racks that hang on dark wooden walls. Two of the more popular items on Perry’s menu include tiny burger "slyders" and Reuben sandwiches. I’ve also had their grilled ahi sandwich and the fish-of-the-day. Everything at Perry’s is solid and the portions are generous. Perry’s is open every day at 9 am and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their address is: 1944 Union Street in San Francisco. Call them for reservations at: (415) 922-9022.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

DRIVERS BEWARE!! SF is one big bumper car ride

What is it with drivers in this city? People get behind the wheels of their vehicles and instantly transform into demonically possessed crazies. I have driven in Boston (which is bad), New York (which is worse), L.A. and Chicago, but San Francisco is by far the worst place to drive a car in the United States. People tailgate, cut each other off, scream, shout and make obscene gestures, run stoplights and stop signs, speed in school zones and have absolutely no patience with pedestrians. It’s a constant peeve of mine, because it’s a societal problem that goes way beyond on how we drive. It has to do with how we treat our fellow man; how we relate to others in our community, and much more. It has to do with respect, compassion, courtesy and things like that. It has to do with treating other human beings with a modicum of kindness once in a while. This recent incident that happened here in town illustrates precisely what I’m talking about. This kind of thing happens every day here:
A man allegedly ran down and killed a pedestrian in the Mission District yesterday after the two got into an argument, police said. The suspect attempted to get away after the incident but was caught by police, said Sgt. Neville Gittens. The incident occurred around 2 a.m. when the suspect, whose name has not been released, was driving southbound on Valencia Street and attempted to make a left turn eastbound onto 16th Street, Gittens said.
Gittens said that the victim and his friend were crossing the street when words were exchanged, and the suspect stopped his car and got out. More words were exchanged and the suspect got back into his vehicle.
The suspect began driving toward the two pedestrians, Gittens said, at which point the victim began punching the car. The pedestrians took off walking northbound on Valencia Street, Gittens said, but the suspect drove his car up onto the sidewalk and hit the victim with the vehicle, throwing his body into the air.
The suspect drove away but tried to park nearby, Gittens said. Police set up a perimeter of the area and were able to detain the man, he said.
The incident is being investigated by the department's homicide division, Gittens said. The suspect's name will be released when he is formally booked on criminal charges, he said.

Isagenix Day Two: Humpty Dumpty is Hopeful

Well, I did it. I made it through the first day of the Isagenix 30-Day program. I’m like a rookie baseball player who has survived the first day of Spring Training without getting cut. The amazing thing is that I feel fine and when I weighed myself this morning I lost 4 pounds. Four pounds in 24 hours! And I know it’s not all water weight because I drank at least 8 glasses of purified water yesterday. Another thing that I noticed is that I slept better last night. I usually wake up 3-5 times and last night I only woke up once. I have a lot of weight to lose – I guess you’d call me obese (294 lbs. as of this morning), but Isagenix looks like it might be the way to go. Yesterday I had three of the chocolate shakes and they tasted remarkably good. All I ate was a handful of organic unsalted almonds. I’m going to do the same thing today and then tomorrow I start my first two cleansing days. After 48 years of living wrong, I imagine the toxins stored up in this body will start oozing out like volcanic lava! I’ll let you know how it goes. One of the great aspects of Isagenix is that they give you diet consultants to help you through the process and encourage you. The guy who is helping me is John Ettema. He’s really into it and you can tell he cares. He’s not doing it just for the $$! I don’t want to get too over confident about this program, because I’ve tried stuff like this before, gotten all excited after the first two days and then failed miserably. Let’s just say I’m hopeful. When I look at the Humpty Dumpty I am today (see photo above) I figure what do I have to lose?

Monday, March 19, 2007

God Did Good When He Invented Ice!

I don't care what you say -- there's nothing like a cool drink filled to the top with ice. Whichever day God made the stuff on, it was a very good day. I think it was the same day He made women, poker, beer and steak -- the Man was on a roll!

Isagenix Day One: Last Nite Was a Sushi Feast

Today I’m starting my Isagenix 30-day cleansing program. So, last night I went out for my final meal. I didn’t want to pig out and then have to work that much harder to lose the weight I gained with one huge high-fat feat of gluttony, so I decided to make my last hurrah a sushi dinner at my favorite sushi bar here in SF, Wasabi & Ginger. It was a great way to treat myself one last time. You can eat on the Isagenix program, but not at the level I've grown accustomed to. And that's why I'm fat! As I get more and more into the Isagenix program, I’ll be posting articles about my progress, etc. Stay tuned!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Prescription Drug Addictions More Widespread Than Ever

I’ve been watching the HBO show Addiction and Angelina and I watch Intervention all the time. It’s sad and pretty amazing to see how many people on this planet are addicted to drugs, booze, food (my biggest foe), online porn, video games, cigarettes, sex, etc. A lot of folks nowadays are battling prescription drug addiction. Fortunately, we know a lot more about helping people with addictions than we did a few years ago. People can get help and are successfully kicking their addictions every day!

Cameron Diaz is Beautifully Ugly

Actress Cameron Diaz is what they call “scary pretty.” She is a living, breathing testament to the plain and simple fact that there’s a paper-thin line between gorgeous and hideous. With her high cheekbones, prominent mouth and a nose that must have once belonged to a prizefighter in another life, this woman can walk with her chin held high in both universes – the one for ugly people and the one for the beautiful members of the species. I think she’s a fairly good actress – I especially liked her in “There’s Something About Mary” and “Kings of New York” and I’m sure she’s a ton of fun to hang out with. But, her facial features are so drastic that if she’s not photographed in just the right light, she can look like The Phantom of the Opera with a hangover. One of the benefits of looking the way she does means Diaz can get roles in films playing the not-so-pretty girl, like she did in “Being John Malkovich.” Diaz has been linked romantically to some hot guys and was going out for quite a while with Justin Timberlake until it fell apart rather suddenly. Maybe Justin woke up one morning and saw Cameron with her hair akimbo and without any makeup and decided he no longer wanted to date The Joker. Poor girl – it’s got to be tough straddling the ugly/beautiful fence. Other celebrities who suffer from this same ying-yang, good luck/bad luck looks kind of thing include Jerry Hall (Mick Jagger’s former wife, if you forgot); Mickey Rourke, Cher and Suzanne Somers. I kind of feel sorry for them – until I look at myself in the mirror. Ouch!

Friday, March 16, 2007

England Helps U.S. in Iraq by Providing New Secret Weapon

Britain has generously decided to step up and loan us their most valued top-secret military weapon. This will surely help us end the War in Iraq before the weekend is through. This renowned strategic mastermind (whose combat code name is "Brown Sand Cowboy") has promised to "bitch slap those insurgents until they whine and wet themselves." When G.W. Bush was asked what he thought of this great new addition to our allied armed forces, all he would say was, "He looks like Cheney in his special flannel war jammies."

Thursday, March 15, 2007


I'm starting my new 30-day toxic clean-out on Monday. The hardest part will be that I can't drink beer, wine, whiskey, Jaeger or any type of alcohol. I love drinking! Until then, you can be sure I'll be swillin' and thrillin'! This will be the best St. Paddy's Day ever!

Classic Hollywood Songs at SF's Plush Room

Broadway tenor Franc D'Ambrosio is currently performing his Hollywood concert at the world-famous Empire Plush Room at the York Hotel in San Francisco through April 1, presented by RRAZZ Productions Inc. /Supreme Concerts. We saw the world premier on opening night and it was absolutely incredible. We laughed, cried and cheered throughout the evening, buoyed by the sheer energy of this wonderful performer with a magical voice.
Franc D'Ambrosio, known as The World's Longest Running Phantom, including over a 5-year run in San Francisco, performs a sensational tribute to the music that made the silver screen sing.
States Press calls it "One man's humorous, nostalgic look at America's dream-factory and the songs it immortalized. D'Ambrosio is one of the most-requested return engagement performers and his Hollywood concert is filled with Academy Award-winning melodies, memories, masterful singing and an abundance of Italian charm."
Some of the most entertaining moments in this show are when D'Ambrosio talks about growing up in a large, extended Italian clan over the family’s bakery in the Bronx, all of the great movie musicals he grew up watching, and, of course, his amazing career, including landing the role of a lifetime playing Al Pacino’s opera singing son in Francis Fore Coppola’s Godfather III. The stories don’t come off as rehearsed or contrived and work well between the songs.
Accompanied by the flawless piano playing of Chuck Larkin, this show gently waltzes you through all of the great Hollywood songs ever written. From Al Jolson’s “Jazz Singer” all the way to the film version of “The Phantom of the Opera”, D’Ambrosio takes the audience on a musical cinematic journey that you won’t soon forget. From “Singin’ in the Rain” to “Danny Boy” to an Italian version of “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”, D’Ambrosio gives a 1.5 hour performance that is both enthralling and thrilling.
Tickets ($35-$40) are available by phone at toll-free 866-468-3399 or online at Guests must be over 21 years of age. The Empire Plush Room is located at The York Hotel, 940 Sutter Street (between Leavenworth and Hyde), San Francisco.
For more information visit

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

This Week's Restaurant Review: Pres a Vi in SF

We were looking for a memorable restaurant where we could celebrate our third-year anniversary, so we decided to give Pres a Vi in San Francisco’s Presidio a try. Pres a Vi loosely translates to "captivated by wine" in Spain's Catalan language. I had heard nothing but incredible things about Chef Kelly Degala's menu of eclectic international small plate selections. People have been gushing wonderful praise about Pres a Vi since it opened last December, so we’d heard a lot about the inventive menu, amazing atmosphere, great bar, professional service and the large international wine list complete with tasting notes. Many wines are offered by the glass at Pres a Vi, in addition to pre-arranged flights to allow diners to compare different wines and discover new favorites. When we walked in, we were immediately taken in by the warm interiors of brown and beige hues. On a hillside right next to the George Lucas Films campus, the place has a breathtaking view of the Palace of Fine Arts. Whenever you go to a restaurant, you’re taking the chance of experiencing both good and bad things and we know that. Maybe our expectations of Pres a Vi were too high, but, to be honest, our meal there was a series of ups and downs. First off, the staff put us off from the get-go. I had made the reservation at Pres a Vi several days day before, and on the day we were to go there, someone from the restaurant called and confirmed it, which is an added touch of professionalism that I always like. When we were getting ready to go there, I noticed we were running late, so I called to let them know. The woman who answered the phone hemmed and hawed and made it sound as if we might lose our spot if we showed up a half-hour late. And yet when we got there (15 minutes late) at 5:45 pm on a Tuesday night, the place was completely empty. We rushed down there worried we’d get bumped and when we got there I am not exaggerating when I say that there was literally NO ONE else there. What’s with that? As for the service, it was okay, except for one incident where the entrée changed after we ordered it. What was supposed to be a Napa Cabbage Raab transformed into a Broccoli Raab prior to being brought to the table. Our waitress told us beforehand and we said okay, but really they should have comped or at least discounted the item, due to the fact that it wasn’t what we ordered. The culinary highlights at Pres a Vi the evening we visited included the Ahi Tartare ($12), which was Hawaiian tuna blended with kukui nuts, meyer lemon zest, sesame oil, and soy topped with wasabi tobiko and accompanied with taro chips; the Hamachi (yellowtail) Carpaccio ($12) with truffle oil, avocado tartar and micro chives; and a Beet Salad ($10) that was fresh and inventive. The lowlights: A thing they call Jo-Jo’s ($6) roasted Kennebec potato wedges fried and tossed with Serrano ham and romesco. These potatoes were quite frankly soggy and tasteless. The Serrano ham mixture was very salty and didn’t work with the dish at all. Another disaster was the Avocado and Rock Shrimp Lumpias ($12) that were the equivalent of Geno’s frozen pizza rolls. They were uninspired and unimpressive. Of the six small plates we had, three were excellent, one was mediocre and two were awful. So, overall Pres a Vi batted a little below .500. Not a great score for a supposedly fine dining establishment with a good reputation. Pres a Vi is located at One Letterman Drive, Building D, Suite 150 in the Presidio in San Francisco. Make reservations and you’d better be on time. Their number is: (415) 409-3000.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bombs Away, Barry!

"Is that the Grand Jury or a Spring Training Fly Ball Coming Down On My Oversized Head?"

Monday, March 12, 2007

I Need to Go Back to Writing School

Every time I think I start to think that I should be nominated for a Pulitzer, I write a piece of sh-- that gets kicked back by an editor. It makes me think I'd be better off going back to journalism school. I guess writers never stop learning how to write. I wonder if Shakespeare, Hemingway, Woodward and/or Bernstein ever had these kind of problems?

Katie Ain't Cutting It!

Why isn’t Katie Couric doing well in the ratings? Maybe it’s because people prefer her doing frivolous interviews with the owners of talking dogs and women who’ve had quintuplets. For their hard news, the public is having problems taking her seriously. Couric made headlines, and history, when she left 'Today' to anchor the 'CBS Evening News.' But six months after her debut, her newscast is a distant third in the ratings behind ABC and NBC. There was a huge deluge of publicity, but now the novelty has worn off. Now the network is bringing in a new executive producer. Will things turn around? And did she make a good career move?

Sunday, March 11, 2007

My MLB 2007 Season Predictions: The AL East


The American League East has been a two-horse race for the past decade, with the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox taking turns trading titles for wild card entries. Last year, the Toronto Blue Jays passed the Bosox for the second spot, but only because Boston had more injuries than a geriatric softball team of 60-somethings playing in the Leisure Village Senior League. Once again, it figures to be the Big Apple vs. Bean town playing Abbott & Costello in the AL East, with the only question being “Who will be on first?” when it’s all said and done.

My pick to win it this season is the New York Yankees. Instead of turning their off-season into another annual garage sale, the Bronx Bombers played it smart and held their cards close to their chest during the winter. General Manager Pat Cashman has finally been allowed to run this team without Georgy Porgy getting in his way. The franchise has started to concentrate on building from within and the two most immediate examples of this are young promising pitchers Phil Hughes and Russ Ohlendorf. Neither of these future phenoms may be ready to contribute in 2007, but at least they represent baby steps in the right direction. The Yankees unloaded all-stars of the past Gary Sheffield and Randy Johnson while picking up solid team-oriented guys like Andy Pettite and Doug Mientkiewcz. The pitching staff in NYC is one of the reasons I’m picking them, led by Chien-Ming Wang (19-6, 3.63) and the always reliable Mike Mussina (15-7, 3.51). Offensively, it’s hard to believe that guys like Johnny Damon (.285, 24 HR 80 RBI), A-Rod (.290, 35 HR, 121 RBI) and Jason Giambi (.253, 37 HR, 113 RBI) could get better, but they can. The Yankees will live up to the hype and win the division, primarily because the circus has moved out of town.

The Boston Red Sox have a roster packed with talent. Guys like Ortiz, Lowell and Ramirez are savvy everyday performers that make up the core of a solid squad. By raiding the LA Dodgers and picking up fragile J.D. Drew (.283, 20 HR, 100 HR) and versatile Julio Lugo (.278, 12 HR 37RBI) during the off-season, the Red Hose have made themselves deeper and stronger. Throw in the promising rookie 2B Dustin Pedroia and the Japanese acquisition-of-the-year P Daisuke Matsuzaka, and you have a team that will rock Fenway Park and put a smile on Manager Terry Francona’s face. The only problem I can see here is their pitching depth. Curt Schilling (15-7, 3.97) and Josh Beckett (16-11, 5.01) did fairly well in 2006, but I have to believe they won’t be able to keep it up and will falter by mid-season. Schilling is old and rickety and Beckett is over and done. The biggest hole, however, is in the Bosox bullpen. With last year’s closer Jonathan Papelbon in the starting rotation, Boston is going with Joel Pineiro (8-13, 6.36) as their closer, which could be an enormous mistake. In many other divisions (like the AL West), the Red Sox would dominate, but in this one they’re only second-best.

The Toronto Blue Jays ended up in second place last year. The last time they were able to finish that high was when they won the World Series since 1993. To make any kind of run this year, they’re going to need better pitching, defense and situational hitting. Overbay, Glaus and Rios make up a strong offensive nucleus, and the best thing this team did during the off-season was retaining CF Vernon Wells (.303, 32, 106) a star today and for many years to come. Losing P Ted Lilly will hurt. Trying to replace him with John Thomson is like believing that Jay Leno could have ever possibly made us forget about Johnny Carson. Roy Hallady (16-5, 3.19) is one of the best in the game, and A.J. Burnett (10-8, 3.98) is no slouch either, but the Blue Jays don’t have enough live arms to make it to the postseason in 2007. They’re an improving bunch, however, and we may be hearing “Oh, Canada” being sung in the playoffs sooner than you think – just not this season.

Britney Spears has a better chance of getting through rehab than the Baltimore Orioles do of getting through 2007 without a series of disasters coming their way. This entire team needs an intervention, starting with their bullpen (5.27 ERA in 2006, ranked 13th in the AL). The O’s signed a plethora of arms in hopes of taking up the slack – cast-offs like Danys Baez, Jamie Walker and Chad Bradford – which will only cause the wounds created by Baltimore’s starting staff to bleed even more. If it weren’t for the quality players that the Orioles were able to steal from the Oakland A’s over the last several years – namely SS Miguel Tejada (.330, 24 HR, 100 RBI) and C Ramon Hernandez (.275, 23 HR, 91 HR), Baltimore fans would be rooting for hot dog vendors.

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays should be hoping that global warming would hurry up and flood their ball park – washing away the embarrassing season that’s coming their way in 2007. The team has some promising talent – players like 3B Akinon Iwamura, OF Delmon Young, Infielder B.J. Upton and SS Ben Zobrist are all up-and-comers. But, that’s not going to be enough to catapult the Rays out of the MLB’s little leagues. P Scott Kazmir (10-8, 3.24) pitched amazingly well with little support last year, but the rest of the starting staff all feature ERA’s between 5.00 and 8.00. If Al Gore is right, Tampa Bay isn’t long for this planet. And that may not be such a disaster.

So, it’s the Yanks, the Bosox, the Jays and then who cares in the AL East in 2007. It will be a fun year featuring a century-old, super intense rivalry -- complete with gyro balls, green monsters, witty Boston Herald and New York Times’ headlines and enough hand wringing and rolling eyes to keep us on the edge of our seats all season long.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

30-Days Back to Better Health

Starting March 19th and running through April 17th, I am going to embark on the Isagenix Diet and Cleansing Program. Many people have recommended it as a full-body cleansing program that really works. I will be doing postings twice a week during the 30 days, to let my friends know how it’s working. It’s not going to be easy, because I won’t be able to drink any beer, but I want to get my weight down and this seems like a great, healthy way to do it. Wish me luck. I will write more as I get ready to start the program!

Here is what they say about the Isagenix 30 Day Program on their web site:

Become healthier, leaner, and achieve peak performance with our 30 Day Program. It's the recommended program to start with to help you lose weight at a steady pace. (Plus, the 30 Day Program Pak has enough product to follow a 9 Day Program, should you choose to do so.) The program feeds your body cleansing nutrients like aloe, herbal teas, vitamins, and ionic trace minerals. Then, it helps kick-start your metabolism to burn fat naturally. No stimulants are used. Losing weight becomes easy and enjoyable with a delicious wave of nutrients from IsaLean Shakes. You may also gain more energy, build muscle, reduce unhealthy cravings, and improve your mental clarity. In addition, Ionix Supreme provides healthy adaptogens to encourage optimum health, IsaFlush encourages regularity, and Want More Energy?, our natural electrolyte drink, gives you more energy.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Don't Lose Your Memory

Ahhhhh, the memory. There’s nothing more satisfying that knowing your computer has sufficient computer memory to run properly. There’s a web site called the memory store where you can get all of the best memory products out there on the computer cyber market today. You can compare name brand memory or take a long gander at one hundred per cent guaranteed compatible memory. They let you do the choosing, which I find very amusing and not the least bit confusing. Check out the memory store today. You’ll never forget the place!

Hampton Hurt Again?

What a rip off pitcher Mike Hampton has turned out to be. This guy signed for some outrageous amount of money a few years back and hasn’t earned one single penny of it. He’s been hurt pretty much the entire time. Guys like this should feel guilty for taking tons of money they never came close to earning, but I’m sure they don’t. If this guy had a decent (un-injured bone) in his body, he’d return some of his salary. Fat chance!

This appeared on today:

KISSIMMEE, Fla. -- Left-hander Mark Redman agreed Friday to a minor league contract with the Atlanta Braves, who learned a day earlier that Mike Hampton will be sidelined for up to two months.
Redman was scheduled to start Saturday's game against the Toronto Blue Jays. If he is added to the 40-man roster, he would get a $750,000, one-year contract and the chance to earn $500,000 in performance bonuses based on starts
The 33-year-old was an AL All-Star last year, when he went 11-10 with a 5.71 ERA for the Kansas City Royals. An eight-year major league veteran, he is 64-76 with a 4.65 ERA in 186 starts and 12 relief appearances.
Redman began his career with the Minnesota Twins in 1995 and reached the majors in 1999. He was scheduled to report to the Braves on Friday night.
Hampton, coming off reconstructive elbow surgery that caused him to miss last season, strained his left oblique during batting practice Wednesday.

I Need a Break...In Orlando!

I need a vacation big-time. This overcrowded yuppie-infested city is driving me completely out of my mind. Before I go insane, I’m looking into an Orlando Vacation Rental. Orlando is a great vacation spot, with the ocean, great weather, all of the amusement parks and a whole lot more. San Francisco is full of mean, rude people, while folks in Florida and more genuine and down to earth. I need some time off to hit the beaches of Orlando!

Sleeper Sofas are Convenient...For A lot of Things

If you’re going to have friends staying overnight, or for when you get in trouble with your significant other and you have to sleep on the sofa, it’s great to have one of those sleeper sofas. They come in a wide range of styles, colors and sizes and they’re much more comfortable than they used to be back in the day. I remember those old ones where the mattresses were paper-thin, but the new ones they make nowadays are very comfortable.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Baseball Cards to Go Corporate? Say it Ain't So!

Wow, this comes as a shocker. As a former long-time baseball card collector, Topps has always been a company that’s very dear to me. Now Michael Eisner, the cutthroat former CEO of Disney, is trying to take over the card manufacturer. Everything in Major League Baseball is going corporate, so this is no surprise. Michael Eisner was the guy who tried to replace Walt Disney, schmoozing with Mickey and Goofy during the intros to the Wonderful World of Disney TV show. Walt Disney was one of the most creative visionaries of our era. Will Eisner is a hack who ripped off the Disney empire and doesn’t have one creative bone in his entire body. If the group he represents takes over Topps, it will be a disaster and a travesty.

The baseball card pictured above is a 1968 Topps Mickey Mantle. When I was 10 years old, it was the one card I would have given up anything for , including my bicycle, my slingshot, my walkie-talkies and my little brother.

This article appeared on yesterday:

NEW YORK -- The Topps Co., maker of baseball cards and Bazooka bubble gum, agreed to accept a $385.4 million takeover offer from a buyout group that includes former Disney chief executive Michael Eisner.
Topps, founded in 1938, makes trading cards featuring athletes of Major League Baseball, the NFL and NBA.
Eisner was CEO of The Walt Disney Co. for two decades until he stepped down in 2005. Disney owns theme parks, movie studios and the ABC, ESPN and Disney TV networks.
The deal drew immediate opposition from Topps director Arnaud Ajdler, who said Tuesday he had not yet been in touch with other major shareholders. He thought the deal should be abandoned because negotiations did not go through a proper process and that the Eisner-led offer undervalues the company.
The board approved the deal in a 7-3 vote, with Ajdler and two others opposed. The company said it will solicit better offers over the next 40 days. The deal requires regulatory approval and a vote by Topps shareholders.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

This Week's Restaurant Review: Little Thai in SF

San Francisco has more Thai restaurants than anywhere this side of Thailand. This town is well-known for its Thai, which is a good thing, because last time I looked flights to Thailand aren’t cheap. There are even a large number of specialty Thai places in SF, including a very pricey formal Thai spot called “Suit and Thai”; the famous fusion Australian/Thai restaurant called “Thai Me Kangaroo Down,” and then, of course, there’s the Thai joint where the meals come with all-you-can-drink beer and wine, “Thai One On.” All kidding aside, we have a Chinatown, a Japan town and a Little Italy, all very popular, and the one reason there’s no Thai-town is because all of the Thai restaurants here are pretty spread out. One of the best Thai eateries anywhere is on Broadway and Polk in SF and it’s called Little Thai. Little Thai features great service, huge portions that are reasonably priced, and an extensive menu of wonderful soups, appetizers and entrees. It’s a fairly small place with a balcony and it’s hopping all the time. One thing about San Franciscans, they know good food and will flock consistently to places like Little Thai. The other night we were there and we had three entrees, an appetizer and some soup and the total bill was $35. Where else can you get a great meal like that in this city? We started off the meal with a Po Tak Soup ($8.95), a seafood soup with lemon grass and lemon juice. It was chock full of scallops, shrimp, squid and fish. One great thing about Little Thai is that they don’t skimp on the goodies. I hate it at some places when you order a soup like this and it’s 80% broth. Every soup at Little Thai is thick with meat, seafood and/or poultry. You’ll never feel like you’ve been cheated on portions or quality. For an appetizer, we love the Shrimp and Ground Pork Toast ($7.95). They deep-fry the toast topped with this amazing paste, yet it’s not greasy or overly rich. For entrees, Thai into some Little Thai Curry, which includes things like Kaeng Pad ($8.50), a boneless roast duck in red curry paste with tomatoes, pineapple and basil; the Panting Near ($7.95), which is sliced beef with hot curry paste, lemon leaves and basil, or the Green Curry ($7.95 with chicken/$8.50 with shrimp), an amazing concoction with eggplant and snow peas. Other items on the Little Thai menu of note are the Roast Duck ($7.95), the Near Pad Prig ($7.50), which is sautéed beef with chili, ginger and onions; the Plan Much Pad ($7.50), sautéed squid with hot chili pepper and bamboo shoots; and the Remit Moor Din ($10.95), an absolutely incredible seafood combination stew served in a clay pot. Wow! Little Thai has a ton of regulars and after you’ve been there one time, you’ll know why. Located at 2065 Polk Street, Little Thai’s phone number is: (415) 771-5544. You can also order food for delivery if you live close enough to the place. Try Little Thai and you’ll never go to another Thai place again if you can help it. It’s just like going to Thailand without having to pay for the flight or going through customs.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Dog Walkers Need to Walk the Legal Line

The City of San Francisco is seriously considering imposing stricter regulations on dog walkers. Reports of lost mutts, verbal abuse, dogs being left in poorly ventilated vehicles for long periods of time, and letting pooches roam without leashes through city parks without supervision are some of the complaints that are causing local politicians to bark for tighter laws.

The city is thinking of making dog walkers get a special business license and setting limits on the number of dogs pet care providers can walk at once. It’s about time. We had trouble with a dog walking service a while back when they got into the habit of short-walking our dogs. The service claimed that they would walk our dogs every day for a minimum of 20-30 minutes, but our neighbors told us that they saw them walking our two dogs to the corner and back on some days. We got upset because we were paying these people $25 a day to walk the dogs. A ten-minute walk only makes a dog hyper. It’s like teasing the animal and just creates anxiety.

The dog walking industry in San Francisco has operated for too long with little oversight. There are an estimated 150 to 300 dog walkers in SF and getting into the business is as easy as saying you’re a dog walker. I could put an ad on Craig’s list tomorrow and get customers without any problem.

There are tons of people in this town who have dogs but work 40-60 hours a week, so they’re in desperate need of someone to walk their dog during the day. People think it’s an easy gig to walk dogs, but it’s not. You have to develop a rapport with the animals and you have to know how to walk them safely. You also have to pick up their poo, which is something many dog walkers don’t do. A responsible dog walking service has insurance, trains their walkers and requires its employees to carry first-aid kits at all times.

Dog walkers can make good money – I know one guy who makes around $50,000 a year walking mostly rich people’s dogs – but he is really good at what he does. He gives the dogs he walks long, fun walks, runs with them and really builds relationships with them. He’s not just a dog walker; he’s a canine concierge. In many cases, the dogs start liking him more than their masters!

Regulating dog walkers is a smart move. If people are out there doing a lousy, unprofessional job, they need to be put out of business. Maybe putting them to sleep is going a bit too far, but making sure they’re running a safe, dog-sensitive operation is something any pet owner living in this city surely needs and deserves.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

My Eight Rules

1.) Perform Random Acts of Kindness Every Week.

2.) Don't Hate..It Only Leads to Stress.

3.) Don't Worry About Things You Can't Control.

4.) Don't Try to Control People, Events or Things.

5.) Be Nice When You Feel like Being Rude.

6.) Don't Whine or Feel Sorry for Yourself..It Could Always be Worse.

7.) Don't Fart or Belch in Public, If it Can Be Avoided.

8.) Love Somebody. You'll Live Longer!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Lost & Crazed Youth

What is it with kids today? I know I was no saint when I was in my teens, but it just seems like its gotten a lot worse out there. I blame the media, our permissiveness, and the fact that many parents just don’t give a s---! This whole thing with Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton is just an indicator of what our children are out there doing. It’s unbelievable. I’m just happy that I don’t have any children of my own, really. I have enough problems without worrying about my child having unprotected sex, doing drugs and generally acting like a fool. I reserve that type of behavior for myself!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Say Hello to Momma

Lyrics by Ed Attanasio
Music by Mickey Joseph

Say hello to Momma.
But please keep it brief.
The woman’s got a penchant for sharing all her grief.

Say hello to Momma.
Then get out of that room.
It’s been all gloom and doom with Mom since the day I left her womb.


She’ll mess up your brain.
All she is does is complain.
About her incessant pain.
But the pain she’s deliverin’
Is to all her children.
Because the woman’s driving us insane.

Her tales of pain and woe.
Will make you want to croak.
You’ll wish you were dead, that’s right.

So, say hello to Momma.
Greet her when you meet her.
And then get the hell out of her sight.

So, say hello and then get out.
Unless you want to hear about her gout.

Say hey and get out of the way.
Before she starts talking tooth decay.

She’s got bursitis in both shoulders, big blisters on her feet.
Diseases and maladies too numerous to repeat.

She sends me real sad e-mails about her ingrown toenails.
Tells all the neighbors I was the most difficult of labors.

Her varicose veins throb when it rains.
And her bunions smell like onions late at night.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Phentermine is Effective!

Many of my friends are recommending this appetite suppressant called Phentermine. Phentermine is a drug primarily used as an appetite suppressant. Chemically, it is an amphetamine (and a phenethylamine). It is typically prescribed for individuals who are at increased medical risk because of their weight, as opposed to cosmetic weight loss. It is a viable alternative to other diets pills, from what I have heard and read. Check it out and make your own educated decision.

Billionaire Baseball Player Richest Man in Sports!

This guy is the richest baseball player in the world and he hasn’t even made the team yet. I love it. All of these overpriced prima donnas must be jealous as hell. Now every MLB player in the league is going to be hiring a geologist.
This article was on AOL today:

VERO BEACH, Fla. (AP) -- Matt White a journeyman pitcher trying to make the Los Angeles Dodgers, could become baseball's first billionaire player.
It has nothing to do with his arm. He owns a rock quarry in western Massachusetts.
White, who has appeared in seven big league games in nine professional seasons, paid $50,000 three years ago to buy 50 acres of land from an elderly aunt who needed the money to pay for a nursing home.
While clearing out a couple acres to build a home, he discovered stone ledges in the ground, prompting him to have the property surveyed.
A geologist estimated there were 24 million tons of the stone on his land. The stone is being sold for upward of $100 per ton, meaning there's well over $2 billion worth of material used for sidewalks, patios and the like.
Of course, that doesn't factor in the expenses involved in processing the stone and transporting it for sale.
"It sounds bogus even saying those numbers," White said. "I'm just a small town guy trying to get to the big leagues. It's beyond comprehension."
The news has prompted some of White's teammates to refer to him as "The Billionaire," but the 29-year-old left-hander isn't counting his money just yet.
"There are a lot of questions," he said. "It takes time, it takes money, it takes machines. There are professionals who handle that stuff."
White's father has been involved in selling the stone, but it's presently a small-time operation.
"I guess you could say the property is for sale," White said with a chuckle. "We'll have to see how things turn out. I don't even know where to start. I'm in the process now of getting in touch with business-savvy guys, finding out how much to ask."
White said he doesn't feel like he's wealthy, which he isn't quite yet.
"Not at all. I don't live like a rich man," he said. "I'm a minor league guy who's played winter ball to make ends meet."
Dr. Peter Pannish, an adjunct professor in the department of geosciences at the University of Massachusetts, surveyed the property.
"It's basically a slabby rock that can be used for sidewalks, building faces and stone walls," Pannish said from his Amherst, Mass., office. "You can use it for a lot of other things, like flagstone on a patio. There are some sidewalks right here on campus that are made of that same rock."
Pannish said he believes White could sell his property for several million dollars, or more.
"As far as hundreds of millions, I doubt if that's possible because of all the expenses that would have to be considered," Pannish said. "But it could be quite a bit of money. He probably needs a mining engineer or an economic geologist to come up with a good evaluation."
White has received inquiries about making national television appearances, and has even been contacted about a possible movie. He is represented by Herbie Zucker of Zucker Sports Management in Chicago.
But for now, White is concentrating on his day job. And that's no surprise, considering pitching in the big leagues has been a lifelong dream.
"They say lefties bloom later than righties. I keep telling myself that," he said. "I'm here to make the big-league team. I feel confident about that, absolutely. I've had some pretty good years in Triple-A.
"I plan to play baseball until I can't play anymore. My goal is to play in the big leagues, regardless of what happens with the rock quarry."
White signed a minor league contract last December with the Dodgers -- his eighth organization. He has appeared in 254 minor league games, 136 of them starts.
White pitched in three games each for Boston and Seattle in 2003, and one for Washington in 2005, going 0-2 and allowing 18 earned runs in 9 2-3 innings.
The Boston manager in 2003 was current Dodgers skipper Grady Little.
"The kid has a genuine love for the game," Little said. "He's quite a competitor, he's always striving to get better. It's not about money for him. He's prepared himself well coming into camp and he'll be going after somebody's job. He'll be given an opportunity.
"It's a tough hill to climb. We have 28 pitchers in camp, we'll leave spring training with 11 or 12. Before it's over, we might need 20. He's in there trying to get a job."
With that, Little smiled and said: "Along the way, if anybody needs landscaping stone, we know where to find it."