Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Joy of Muttville

Jigsaw Puzzles: Mind-Bending and Stress-Ending

There’s nothing like a good jigsaw puzzle to work the mind and kill some time. I remember that my brother used to be able to do the really hard ones – you know, the ones that were all one solid color. Great artist’s paintings, beautiful photographs, wonderful illustrations – they all make great jigsaw puzzles. It’s an analytical exercise that’s good for the brain AND the soul. I would love to make a jigsaw puzzle out of one of my photos. Like the parrot photo above, for instance!

Who Let These Dogs Out?

The Dog Days of Late Summer

These are some photos that I took at the Bay Area Pet Fair yesterday in San Rafael. There must have been 300 different dogs there, partying and socializing. I was in doggy heaven!