Sunday, May 31, 2009

Keep Cat Burglars Away

We have some cat burglars here in the neighborhood. We know because all of our dogs' toys are mysteriously missing. Certain kibbles are not to be found. We had some nice comfortable pillows and blankets in the closet--now gone. Milk is constantly missing from the refrigerator, and the other day I was looking for a can of tuna fish in our pantry--gone as well. Well, this larcenous little feline has committed a felony for the very last time. We're in the process of looking for one of the many excellent home alarm systems on the market today. Beware, pussies--you will not steal from us again.

Outer Banks Has a Ton of Foreclosures!

If you have read this blog in the past, then you know I have a dream spot where I want to live in at some point in my life. And the name of it is Outer Banks. It's a beautiful little coastal town in North Carolina that I love for a plethora of reasons--including the people, the climate, the ocean and the lovely homes. Well, there are a ton of foreclosures going on in Outer Banks. And it's sad. Families are having to sell their vacation homes due to this recession. So, as I have always said--when one door closes for some poor schmuck, well--a doors might just open for me. So, take a long, strong and serious look at some Outer Banks foreclosures. It's my dream spot, and who knows? It might just end up being yours too!