Saturday, March 08, 2008

Sunset Malibu

Do you have a friend who is messed up by drugs and needs some good addiction treatment? Many of us do. If you're in a situation where someone you know is involved in drug addiciton, you should do what you can to come them into a place like Sunset Malibu. They're addiction experts and top-notch counselors. They really know how to help folks who have messed up their lives by using drugs and alcohol. Help your drug-addled friends now. In the end, they're going to have to help themselves. But, by doing what you can while it's still not too late is a smart way to go.

Ahhhh, North Carolina Land

With prices through the roof here in California (and especially in over-priced San Francisco, which is really just completely insane) it's a good time to consider North Carolina land for sale. There are some very reasonable deals in North Carolina right now that you wouldn't believe. North Carolina has nice weather, great (friendly) people, all kids of attractions and so much more. I am beginning to think that California is over rated in so many ways. Sure, the weather is nice, and you're close to the beach and the mountains, but there's too much traffic, too many rude people (especially in A-Holeville, aka San Francisco)and rent, gas, food, and entertainment is way too expensive. All of sudden, North Carolina is looking real good!