Saturday, September 29, 2007

So Long to Solo

Outspoken U.S. goalkeeper Hope Solo will not be with the team for Sunday's third-place game against Norway in the Women's World Cup.

Coach Greg Ryan announced the decision 24 hours before the game and just two days after Solo went public and criticized him for benching her for the semifinal with Brazil. Ryan went with 36-year-old veteran Briana Scurry, but it didn't matter. Brazil overwhelmed the top-ranked Americans 4-0, superior in every phase of the game."We have moved forward with 20 players who have stood by each other, who have battled for each other," Ryan said on Saturday. "And when the hard times came - and the Brazil game was a hard time - they stood strong. Now it's the 20 who have stuck together who will be ready to go out and compete against Norway."

I think Ryan is the one who looks bad here. Why didn’t he stick with Solo? She was a on a perfect roll, having not given up one goal during the entire World Cup. Scurry was coming off an injury and is definitely not the same player she was several years ago.

The four goals that Brazil scored against Scurry all looked like they could have been blocked. Scurry looked lost out there, and although I admit that it wasn’t completely her fault, I don’t know how anyone can say she played a good game. Solo most certainly could have blocked at least a couple of those shots, which would have at least given her team a chance.

Ryan is trying to blame Solo for not being a team player, but in the end, the coach made a decision and it didn’t work out. If Scurry had played well, none of this would even be an issue.

Taking Solo out just because Scurry had never lost to the Brazilians was a bone headed move. Why mess with perfection? This is a prime example of a coach getting in the way of his team’s success. Dance with the one who brought ya, Ryan. It’s the oldest rule in the book. Let your best players play and don’t mess with a team’s chemistry, especially if they’re winning.

If the U.S. team loses to Norway with Scurry in goal, Ryan will look even worse. He had better pray for a consolation win, not that anyone cares at this point. No one remembers anyone except the championship team.

Defending champion Germany will face Brazil in Sunday's championship game. The Brazil loss marked the second straight time the United States has fallen in the semifinals of a Women's World Cup, failing to repeat titles of 1991 and '99.Solo, 25, in a widely seen interview, said Ryan had made the "wrong decision" by benching her. She also said she would have made the saves, an open criticism of Scurry who led the United States to the '99 title and gold in the 2004 Olympics.Scurry will start against Norway.Captain Kristine Lilly and star striker Abby Wambach said Solo apologized at a team meeting. And on her myspace page, Solo said she did not mean to criticize Scurry. However, she maintained Ryan's decision was wrong.

Get a Good Realtor

Now that it’s a buyer’s market in U.S. real estate, having a good realtor is more important than ever, regardless of whether you’re buying or selling. A lot of people try to save money by selling their home themselves, which is a big mistake. An experienced, savvy realtor can make you money, not cost you. Don’t be near sighted and stupid, get a good realtor to either sell your house or assist you in the process of buying one.

The Excalibur in Las Vegas

The Excalibur Las Vegas is one of the true mega-hotspots in all of Vegas. It’s a casino hotel resort with great amenities, awesome attractions and is just a first-class operation from top to bottom. Sure, there are a ton of really incredible hotels and casinos in Las Vegas, but if I have a choice, the Excalibur is the crème de la crème, there’s no doubt about it!

The Tennessee Football Volunteers

What can I say about Tennessee football that hasn’t already been said. The Volunteers have an incredibly illustrious history of winning big games with big names. This year’s squad is packed with talent and should only get better. Whenever I think of big-time college football, I have to think about the great names of Tennessee. From Peyton Manning to the current QB Erik Ainge, the Tennessee Volunteers play some of the best football in the college game today!

Friday, September 28, 2007

SF Weekly Punks Us All!

The SF Weekly is featuring a cover story this week entitled, “Steroids Confidential – Greg Anderson Has Given Up His Freedom Rather Than Testify About Barry Bonds. But One Man Has Learned The Trainer’s Secrets,” a piece written by Nic Foit and Ira Tes. When I first read this article, I was absolutely astonished at what it uncovered. And what I learned after reading it shocked me even more.

In the article, they reveal that Barry Bonds injected steroids into his penis in order to satisfy his mistress Kimberly Bell, which later led to Bonds not being able to bend over and caused an error that led to the California Angels beating the Angels in the 2002 World Series. The article also goes on to tell about a titanium brace that had to be implanted into Bonds’ neck in order to keep his huge bobble-like steroid’ed head from flopping over. The article then goes into detail about the supposed fact that now that the MLB is testing for steroids, Bonds consumes a “power drink” that consists mainly of elk semen.

The fact is -- this entire article is a ruse. If you unscramble the authors’ names, you come up with “Fiction and Satire.” What I can’t believe is that there is not one single disclaimer within the entire piece. In one sense – it’s absolutely brilliant. From another point of view, it’s completely irresponsible. If Bonds does not sue the SF Weekly, I will be very surprised.

To read this very creatively written article, check out this link:

The San Francisco Art Car Parade, Part III

The San Francisco Art Car Parade, Continued

The San Francisco Art Car Parade

Yesterday San Francisco hosted an incredible one-of-a-kind event – an Art Car Parade and Festival. Starting at Marina Park and winding along the Bay through Fisherman’s Wharf and to the Embarcadero, the parade featured over 30 decorated vehicles. What a spectacle! My favorite was the Sashimi Tabernacle Choir car, an automobile from Texas covered with models of lobsters and fish – 250 of them! They are bolted to a Volvo and when cued, sing a series of songs, everything from opera to pop to punk rock. The car has 2 computers, over 200 pounds of batteries and five miles of control system wire. Wow!
Here is what Wikipedia says about the Art car phenomenon:
An art car is a vehicle that has its appearance modified as an act of personal artistic expression. Art car artists usually drive and own their own work. They are sometimes referred to as "Cartists". Art car artists or owners often dress in a matching motif when displaying their cars. Art cars and car artists come from all walks of life, uphold a wide range of personal philosophies and beliefs and come from all political groups.
An important aspect of art cars and car artists is the general belief that there are no standards. Ideally, there are no super stars nor is any car better than any other. Art cars are unique in that no art car is a "bad" or "wrong" art car. There is more of a sense of inclusion than in other car groups which focus on standards, specific historic periods or makes and models of car.
Most car artists are ordinary people with no artistic training. They are largely self-taught and self funded, though some mainstream trained artists have also worked in the art car medium. Some consider their art to be created as a source of income or as "professional" artworks. Most others agree that creating and driving an art car daily is its own reward. Well known artists like Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol etc. have designed BMW Art Cars and their work has been reflected in racing cars like the BMW V12 LMR.
Art cars can be driven as daily drivers. Others are hauled around the country on trailers and have never driven any where but within art car shows. Others are found everywhere from the local grocery store, to formal museums to organized shows. Some are predominantly functional whereas others are considered primarily art works. Some car artists would never rent their car out while others build cars to make money.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Love Letter to My Laptop

Ah, but how I love my laptop computer. I don’t know what I’d do without you, my sweet little laptop. You’re like a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stuffy world. How can I describe my relationship with my laptop? I don’t know. She never complains, she doesn’t nag me or use my credit card without permission or kick me out of the bed for being gassy, and whenever I push her lovely Power button, she lights up as if seeing me is the highlight of her day. I call her Dell and she calls me User. We hang out at Starbucks and down at Golden Gate Park and work on projects together. Oh, yes – I love my little laptop – and until I upgrade one day – I guess I always will!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Pulse Oximeters

A pulse oximeter is a gauge that you can use to check the oxygen levels in your blood. It goes right on your finger and an LED read out then tells you the data. Many people who want to gauge the oxygen levels in their blood are using this device to get the information they need very quickly and accurately.

Outdoor Kitchens: The Wave of the Future!

The outdoor kitchen has really come a long way. A good friend of mine just had one installed on his backyard deck and it’s really great, with high-tech appliances and awesome functionality. It’s got a state-of-the-art grill, a refrigerator, a kegger, some incredible track lighting, a full wet bar and much more. The outdoor kitchen is the new wave of the future and is really worth looking into.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Shaking One for the Home Team

CBS NFL analyst Charlie Casserly reported on yesterday’s pregame show that the NFL sent a memo to all 32 teams last week informing them that home teams are not allowed to tell their cheerleaders to warm up, stretch, or otherwise do anything in front of the visiting team's bench that might distract the players before the game.Apparently there were concerns around the league that some teams had specifically told their cheerleading units to warm up prior to the game right in front of the visiting team, in hopes that the visiting team's players would be too distracted checking out the cheerleaders to pay attention to their coaches' pregame instructions.

“Some of the girls were getting a little too close to the visiting teams,” said Perky Areolas, head cheerleader consultant and official pom-pom inspector for the NFL. “There were actually a couple lap dances going on. We found dollar bills in some of the ladies’ cheering shorts, which is highly inappropriate.”

Some cheerleaders were also allegedly wearing tiny microphones in their tight-fitting outfits and asking opposing players to divulge plays and formations. “We were just doing what the coaches told us to do,” an anonymous NFL cheerleader said. “I was able to get a little bit of one team’s game plan out of a rookie who couldn’t keep his eyes off of my undulating breasts. Hey, if it gives our guys an advantage, we’ll do whatever it takes.” There has been no word on whether it's legal to videotape the opposing team's cheerleaders. “This is getting crazy,” said one unnamed NFL official. “Pretty soon they’re going to make the cheerleaders wear burlap sacks so that they don’t distract people. Hey, they’re cheerleaders. If they’re not distracting folks, they’re not doing their job!”

(Portions of this article cam from, while others are pure fiction provided for entertainment purposes only.)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

What's Up Dog!

I found a great little place in San Francisco that does one of my favorite foods right. I’m talking about hot dogs – those wonderfully flavorful little meat sausages that bring me indescribable joy. A good hot dog reminds me of so many things from my childhood – going to baseball games with my family, summer picnics, hanging out at the beach. One time I ate 14 hot dogs and won a contest in college. I got really sick later, but I didn’t care.

The restaurant that I’m talking about is called What’s Up Dog! Owned and operated by a couple of hard-working young guys in San Francisco’s trendy Union Street district, What’s Up Dog! is a hot dog lover’s dream.

They have 13 links/sausages to choose from – from your basic hot dog all the way to gourmet sausages like kielbasa, Italian sausage, Louisiana hot links, bratwursts and more. Then, they feature 12 customer favorites, consisting of classic dogs, produce and condiment combinations that will have you waxing nostalgic. Some of these include the Chicago Style, the New York Style, the Texas Dog and the North Beach Dog. They even have some unusual selections like the BLT Wrap Dog, the Pastrami Dog (I can go for pastrami on anything, so why not my dog?), and a Four Cheese Dog. My favorite (and I’ve tried most of them) is the incredible Southern Dog, with chili and cole slaw. The chili at What’s Up Dog is awesome – full of meat and flavor. Throw in the creamy cole slaw and you have one amazing dog.

They grill all their hot dogs at What's Up Dog! which is the way to go. I used to like my hot dogs boiled, and I had a very intense argument about the concept of boiled vs. grilled a long time ago with a good friend. But, as I got older, I began to realize that grilling a dog brings out the flavor and is really the only way to go.

What’s Up Dog! also has sandwiches if you’re all dogged out, featuring things like hot pastrami, rib-eye steak, meatball and grilled chicken. They also have great French fries, chili/cheese fries, garlic fries, onion rings, and get this – bacon cheese fries! These guys are my kind of people – they’ll put chili and bacon on just about anything.

One of the main things I like about What’s Up Dog! are the buns. A great dog can be ruined if the bread surrounding it isn’t perfect. And, believe me, WUD! has the ideal buns – large, soft and delectable.

What’s Up Dog! is located at 2211 Filbert Street at Fillmore, San Francisco, CA 94123.
You can phone in your order ahead of time at (415) 776-DOGS (3647). To take a look at their extensive menu, visit their web site at

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Bonds Will Be Giant No More

Barry Bonds will not be a San Francisco Giant next year. Who he’ll be playing for is unknown, but one thing is certain – the man has worn out his welcome in the City by the Bay. After breaking Hank Aaron’s career home run record and having a mediocre season this year by Bonds’ standards, Barry will be looking for a job. It’s been a long run for him in San Francisco, the team he’ll always be associated with after his career is long over.

A lot of fans are saying that Giants Owner Peter Magowan is abandoning Bonds after his team benefited from all the fame, press and added attendance that came with the home run record chase. That’s a bunch of nonsense. Bonds was paid very well and if anything, the Giants could have sprung him last winter but didn’t out of loyalty for what Barry did for the team in the past.

Logically, Bonds will be going to a team in the American League, where he can DH and put his glove in storage -- which is a good thing, considering he’s lost a few steps in the outfield, where he was definitely a liability for the Giants this season.

And what team in its right mind will want to pay Bonds the big bucks he will no doubt be demanding? The Yankees? (Steinbrenner will love the press he’ll get) The Angels? (Bonds will fit right in at Disneyland) Or how about a small market team like the Royals or the Devil Rays where he can be a big fish in a small pond? Other stars played their last seasons on lesser-known teams. Babe Ruth ended his career as a Boston Brave and Aaron finished off playing for the Milwaukee Brewers. Maybe Barry would like to fade off into the sunset on a team that will adore him just for who he is.

This appeared on sports last night:

The Giants told Bonds they will not bring him back next season, ending a 15-year run in which he set the single-season and all-time home run records and became a lightning rod for the steroids debate in baseball."It's always difficult to say goodbye," Giants owner Peter Magowan said Friday. "It's an emotional time for me. We've been through a lot together these 15 years. A lot of good things have happened. Unfortunately a lot of bad things have happened. But there comes a time when you have to go in a different direction."On his Web site, Bonds said he wasn't done."There is more baseball in me and I plan on continuing my career. My quest for a World Series ring continues," he said.The 43-year-old Bonds did not join Magowan and general manager Brian Sabean at the news conference. Asked whether he had anything to add, Bonds said, "I already made my statement."Bonds had always said he wanted to finish his career in the comfort of his hometown, where his father, Bobby, played alongside his godfather, Willie Mays. Bonds talked with Giants Hall of Famer Willie McCovey and took batting practice in the cage before Friday night's game against Cincinnati.Bonds hasn't played since Sept. 15 because of a sprained right big toe and was out of the lineup again. Manager Bruce Bochy said he thought Bonds could play this weekend. The Giants' final homestand ends Wednesday night.Magowan said he and Sabean recently decided about Bonds' future. Magowan personally told Bonds in a 90-minute meeting during Thursday night's game against Cincinnati."I think he knew the decision was coming," Magowan said. "I don't think it was surprising to him. I think, naturally, he was disappointed, maybe somewhat saddened," Magowan said. "But he was really very respectful."Bonds broke Hank Aaron's record with his 756th home run on Aug. 7. Bonds helped revitalize a struggling franchise that nearly moved to Florida before he signed with the Giants as a free agent in December 1992.Bonds has spent the past 15 seasons of his 22-year big league career with the Giants. Re-signed as a free agent in the offseason, he made $19.3 million in a one-year contract, including $3.5 million in bonuses.Shadowed by steroid speculation for the past few years, Bonds has hit 28 homers this season, raising his career total to 762. The seven-time NL MVP is batting .279 with 66 RBIs and a major league-leading 132 walks."He can still play," Sabean said. "He's still one of the biggest threats of any No. 4 hitter in the National League."Prior to the toe injury, he had been mostly healthy, playing 125 games. The left fielder has 2,935 career hits and has said that reaching 3,000 is a goal of his."This is a guy who plays every day and is still leading the National League in some league categories, which is amazing," teammate Barry Zito said. "He's really done special things this year being at the age that he is. If Barry has the opportunity to go be a DH somewhere I'm sure that's only going to prolong his career."Despite Bonds' personal achievements, the season has been a disappointing one for the Giants, who are mired deep in last place in the NL West."We've heard for a long time that the Giants are an old team and want to get younger, so we're not surprised," said Bonds' agent, Jeff Borris. "Barry is their oldest player, but qualitatively, he's their best player.""He's still planning on playing next year, irrespective of whether it's an AL or NL team," he said.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Van Halen Hits The Road Once More!

They’re baaaaaaaack! Van Halen is going on tour again, this time with a vengeance. David Lee Roth is back, and the bass player is history (Eddie’s son has replaced him), but the band is back together and hitting the road. I first saw Mammoth (the band that later became Van Halen) at a dance at St. Francis High School in 1974. David Lee Roth was just as obnoxious as he is today, and Eddie Van Halen was awesome even back then. This should be a great tour, so if Van Halen comes to your town, the Van Halen tour is a must-see!

Are Your Office Desks The Very Best?

A good office desk is vital to the operational success of a company within a structured internal office environment. If your company is currently using poor quality, sub-standard office desks, this is possibly why your organization is not operating at peak levels. Things like company morale, efficiency and productivity can all be adversely affected by office desks that are not the very best.

Creakiness Rears It's Ugly Head

As I get closer to 50, my joints are screaming and creaking just like this old house I live in in San Francisco. It happens as you get older, what can I say? That’s why I was very interested in finding out more about osteoarthritis relief, on a web site called These people know a lot about natural remedies and their site is just amazing. We all get a little creakier as we get older, but if there are natural remedies out there, why not check them out?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Newest TV Sensation: "Kid Nation"

"Kid Nation," the CBS reality show that fanned concerns about child endangerment and exploitation, subjected its young stars to nothing more dramatic than homesickness and a pulled muscle in its debut episode. Whether viewers were entertained by Wednesday's hour - in which the most thrilling line was "We got the Port-A-Potties. Yeah!" Whether or not this show is any good remains to be seen, but we watched last night’s opening episode and it was great! It’s awesome to see children thinking for themselves, being team players and leading others, in some cases. To see these children step up and do their part in the running of what was previously a ghost town was amazing.

As a reality TV show, there is no doubt that the storylines will be manipulated and contrived, but hopefully the adults behind the camera won’t spoil it for the kids.

In the first episode, one of the very first things the producers did was split the kids into four groups. This way, they get to experience the early stages of being in a gang. They also gave them access (although they have to pay for it with the wages they earn working at different jobs) to lots of candy and soda. This way they can also become familiar with another modern-day phenomenon – childhood diabetes.

One little girl wanted to buy a bike at the town’s kiddy general store, so she danced in the street to get tips. A future stripper, perhaps? And one 10-year-old girl announced, “I don’t do dishes. I am a beauty queen!” Sounds like my fiancée!

Filmed over 40 days during April and May in a movie-set ghost town in the high desert just south of Santa Fe, N.M., "Kid Nation" gathered 40 children ages 8 to 15 and gave them the task of organizing and running their own lives. From the start, the kids are put through the physical and emotional wringer. They're told to drag supply wagons through the desert, while the youngest ones confront fears of being isolated and away from their families.

"I think I'm gonna die out here 'cuz there's nothing," one 8-year-old frets as "Kid Nation" gets the party started. "There's no President Bush. There's nothing," observes another dispirited youngster.

Kids say the darndest things. Oh, wait, that show aired with Bill Cosby nearly a decade ago, based on a 1950s Art Linkletter idea; consider this the modern version, with reality-show trappings galore to make it exciting for today's presumably jaded young set and, CBS hopes, their parents. CBS kept the finished product under wraps and away from critics, allowing media speculation and criticism to help promote the show. There were allegations that the production may have skirted New Mexico's child-protection laws and that youngsters faced unsafe conditions, which CBS and the show's producer denied.

No injuries other than the muscle pull were shown Wednesday. But one mother has complained to authorities that her daughter was splattered with cooking grease and that four other children accidentally drank bleach during production. The show confirmed that the incidents occurred but said first aid was immediately provided. Parents and children made available by CBS praised the production as a safe, well-supervised learning experience. As the "Kid Nation" kids begin to organize in the premiere episode, guided by the alternately comforting and menacing host Jonathan Karsh (he warns them of "rough" times ahead), rewards emerge in forms any red-blooded American child would treasure: candy, soda pop and the possibility of a TV set.

When the pint-sized four-member town council wisely picks outhouses over the television set, supplementing the one toilet that had been serving the town, the rest of the group breathes a collective sigh of relief.

Besides goodies they can buy with their earnings from chores, the kids compete for a weekly solid-gold star, worth $20,000, that goes to the most deserving child. At least there's the prospect of college funds getting a boost. Time will tell if the show gives CBS' Wednesday night ratings an ongoing boost.

(Portions of this story were taken from AP and

Saturday, September 15, 2007

On the Road Again

I'll be on the road for both business and pleasure until next week, my friends -- but when I return, you can bet that I'll be back bloggin' and hopin' and Living Life on the Edge once more.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New England Patriots Caught Cheating!

I don’t know why I am so shocked about something like this. A friend of mine who has worked as a college referee was telling me recently that this kind of thing goes on all the time at the college level. I hope the NFL really cracks down on the Patriots. I understand that they will be heavily fined by the league and will probably lose two draft picks next year – most likely a number two and a number five.
There is no excuse for cheating. We expect our sports teams to be squeaky clean, but as we have learned here, we should never assume for one minute that they are. I wonder how many games the Patriots won by cheating.
I don’t wager on games anymore, but if I had bet on this one and lost, I’d be upset as hell!
Hopefully now, other NFL teams will do more to camouflage their sideline signals. This is deplorable and I hope the NFL steps up and acts quickly on this matter so that it does not happen again.
This appeared on http://www.cbssportsline/ today:
PITTSBURGH -- Steelers coach Mike Tomlin isn't surprised a New England Patriots employee is suspected of videotaping signals by Jets coaches during Sunday's season opener.
Spying rumors in the NFL are nothing new, Tomlin said Tuesday, and he wouldn't be surprised if the allegations were true.
"Usually where there's smoke, there's fire, so those rumors are founded on something," said Tomlin, an NFL assistant coach for six years with Tampa Bay and Minnesota before being hired by Pittsburgh. "No, it's not totally shocking, no."
NFL security confiscated a video camera and tape from a Patriots employee during New England's 38-14 victory Sunday, reported. The employee was accused of aiming his camera at the Jets' defensive coaches as they signaled to players on the field.
Last season, the Green Bay Packers had an issue with a man wearing a Patriots staff credential who was carrying a video camera on their sideline.
Tomlin did not say he suspects the Patriots of spying -- the Steelers and New England meet on Dec. 9 -- but said all NFL coaches are aware of and protect against subterfuge.
"You hear rumors of things of that nature, but there's nothing new in terms of confirming it," he said. "It's never been confirmed in any incidence in my knowledge."
The lone first-year NFL coach to win his opener last weekend, Tomlin said the Steelers have methods to protect against spying, but he wouldn't reveal them.
"We like to keep our methods private so we can continue to be successful," Tomlin said. "We don't spend a lot of time worrying about that, but we are sharp enough to protect ourselves versus the potential of something like that happening against us.
"Really, this is nothing new. You see offensive play callers covering their mouths, that's been going on for a long time, and that's the reason that's done."
The Steelers (1-0), trying to open 2-0 for only the second time since 1999, play their home opener Sunday against Buffalo (0-1), a team dealing not only with a last-minute loss to Denver but a catastrophic injury to tight end Kevin Everett.
Everett severely injured his spinal cord and is unlikely to walk again following a helmet-to-helmet hit with Denver's Domenik Hixon during the second-half kickoff. Everett lay motionless on the field as his teammates held hands at midfield and prayed.
"Incidents like that are so much bigger than football," Tomlin said. "It's tough to deal with, I imagine, and it's sent some shockwaves around this league, not just in Buffalo. I wish that young man the very best."
Despite their situation, Tomlin doesn't expect the Bills to be any less competitive on Sunday. Buffalo led Denver 14-6 in the second half Sunday, only to lose 15-14 on Jason Elam's 42-yard field goal with one second remaining.
"I'm sure it's tough to deal with on a personal level, those things always are," Tomlin said of Everett's injury. "But those are guys are professionals, and I expect those guys to get it together from a professional standpoint and be ready to play Sunday."

Clay Nelson's Life Balance

There is an amazing life coach out there whose message has really resonated with me. His name is Clay Nelson and his Life Balance program is incredible. I got his CD the other day and listened to it, and I must say that this guy knows what he’s talking about. Nelson has a radio show, a tele-seminar series and a CD and they are all extremely successful. He uses his 30 years of experience in the corporate world to help people master the techniques he has developed. He provides businesses and individuals with his theories for helping people and organizations get what many have missing in their lives: we’re talking about things like purpose, personal and business planning, fun, effective, delegation through team management, and accountability. Clay Nelson can help you fulfill your potential and be happier – as well as richer, which everyone is interested in, am I right? I can’t recommend this guy and his program enough. When I listened to one of his workshops/coaching sessions, I laughed and learned so much. Nelson’s philosophy is easier to get your mind around and simple to implement. I have just started to do some of the things he talked about and I am already seeing the results. His system is a winner!

The Yuckfest is On!

Fergies Auctions Off a Hummer

As reported by Life On the Edge yesterday, singer Fergie is selling her gas-guzzling sport utility vehicle and has promised to donate all the proceeds to the Global Green USA organization. A lot of people are praising her for doing her part, but my question is -- if Fergie was really that concerned about the environment, why on earth did she purchase a Hummer in the first place?

More likely, she realized that she was tired of paying $85.00 to fill it up every time she drove down to Rodeo Drive and back.

The star has placed her 2005 Hummer H2 vehicle on auction website eBay, where bidding currently stands at $52,400.

The listing, which ends on September 15, reads: "After performing at Live Earth and realizing everyone has a role to play in protecting the environment, Fergie decided to sell her Hummer and donate all the proceeds to Global Green USA. Auction Cause is also donating carbon emission credits for 10 years to help offset the impact.”

Her publicist went on to say that Fergie is also going to write a new song about dolphins and has plans to go on a strict diet of tree bark and lattes. From now on, all of her undergarments will be made from recycled lingerie donated by Victoria’s Secret and all of her CD’s will be manufactured from corn husks. She has also agreed to hold her breath for six minutes a day so that others who need oxygen more than she does will get their fair share.

This sounds like a publicity stunt to me. Are you trying to tell me that Fergie just now realized that a Hummer is bad for the planet? If she really cared about the air we breathe, she would destroy the Hummer. It’s not like she needs the cash. Now she’s just putting the vehicle back into public circulation so that someone else can smog up the planet. What’s the point?

"This is Fergie's actual vehicle, and will come with a letter of authenticity from Auction Cause, the premier auction management agency," the publicist said.

I can see it now -- some pathetic pop star/player wannabe will buy it and start driving it around some small town in Nebraska, trying to pick up the opposite sex by telling them they’re driving Fergie’s old ride. And the sickest part of it all is – it will probably work!

(Portions of this article were fictionalized to make it less boring and insipid.)

Monday, September 10, 2007

I am Going Completely Postal Over Mailboxes

There are a ton of really well-built, creatively designed Mailboxes out there on the market today. You’d most likely be surprised to learn about all of the varieties that are out there. You can go with metal, wood, plastic – even silver or gold for those of you who live in places like Pacific Heights and Beverly Hills. You can really tell a lot about a person by their mailbox. It’s not just a place for the postman (or woman) to put the mail – it’s a statement about who you are and where you’re headed!

Quoizel Lighting Lights Up Your Life

Do you know what quoizel lighting is? I didn’t until just recently, but I must say that now I a huge fan of quoizel lighting. It can best be described as a beautiful form of lighting that looks as though it’s primarily European inspired. You’ve probably seen it but don’t even know it – most likely at high-end homes. Some of the better forms of quoizel lighting include Billiard fixtures, burnished copper and ombra wall sconces, and post lights from the Hillcrest collection.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Joy of Muttville

Jigsaw Puzzles: Mind-Bending and Stress-Ending

There’s nothing like a good jigsaw puzzle to work the mind and kill some time. I remember that my brother used to be able to do the really hard ones – you know, the ones that were all one solid color. Great artist’s paintings, beautiful photographs, wonderful illustrations – they all make great jigsaw puzzles. It’s an analytical exercise that’s good for the brain AND the soul. I would love to make a jigsaw puzzle out of one of my photos. Like the parrot photo above, for instance!

Who Let These Dogs Out?

The Dog Days of Late Summer

These are some photos that I took at the Bay Area Pet Fair yesterday in San Rafael. There must have been 300 different dogs there, partying and socializing. I was in doggy heaven!