Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lambo Doors

Do you like lambo doors? The new hottest thing that you have ever seen, to make the scene and to be seen--you need to get a lambo door set. Lambo doors are very popular right now. They basically by sliding to the sky. They open straight up....just the way I like it! And if you're looking for straight great prices on high-quality lambo doors, go the those who know. It's that simple. Cherry up your ride and strut out on the street with pride..with lambo doors! If you're not cool, lambo doors won't make you cool--but they might help!

Ahhhhhhhhh....Memories of Classroom Furniture

Remember the folding top desks that were so popular in the 70's classrooms? I recall them somewhat fondly. The world of classroom furniture has changed dramatically. The super high-tech, cutting edge classroom desks, cabinets, etc. have some a long way, baby! But in the end, the basic pieces of classroom furniture is pretty much the same. As a freshman at St. Francis High School in La Canada, Calif., I upset one of my teachers (Terry Terrazone?) and he kicked my desk top, so hard he broke the desk and broke his toe? I was a pain-in-the-ass back then, which I still am, but not quite as bad. Memories of classroom furniture--what a ride through the times of our lives?