Monday, March 12, 2007

I Need to Go Back to Writing School

Every time I think I start to think that I should be nominated for a Pulitzer, I write a piece of sh-- that gets kicked back by an editor. It makes me think I'd be better off going back to journalism school. I guess writers never stop learning how to write. I wonder if Shakespeare, Hemingway, Woodward and/or Bernstein ever had these kind of problems?

Katie Ain't Cutting It!

Why isn’t Katie Couric doing well in the ratings? Maybe it’s because people prefer her doing frivolous interviews with the owners of talking dogs and women who’ve had quintuplets. For their hard news, the public is having problems taking her seriously. Couric made headlines, and history, when she left 'Today' to anchor the 'CBS Evening News.' But six months after her debut, her newscast is a distant third in the ratings behind ABC and NBC. There was a huge deluge of publicity, but now the novelty has worn off. Now the network is bringing in a new executive producer. Will things turn around? And did she make a good career move?