Thursday, August 30, 2007

This Week's Restaurant Review: Michael Mina in SF

Every once in a while I have a dining experience that makes me happy just to be alive and in possession of taste buds that are in good working order. Food can be a miraculous thing if it’s prepared and presented with passion and this restaurant is so passionate about what they do that you can taste it in every bite. The name of the restaurant is Michael Mina in San Francisco – and once you’ve been there you won’t soon forget it.

One of the hottest young chefs in the country, Michael Mina, has fashioned a restaurant that is universally praised for its original concepts in American cuisine -- featuring elegantly prepared and artfully presented dishes that emphasize distinct tastes and bold flavors. This guy knows what he’s doing and isn’t afraid to take chances and create dishes that few chefs have even dreamed of creating. Other chefs go to Michael Mina to steal his ideas, I’m told. And I believe it!

If you want the very best San Francisco has to offer, Michael Mina is no doubt right up there at the very top of the list. No one else does it the way Mina does, featuring a mixture of the exotic with the basic; combining comfort food and fine dining in such a way that others have tried to imitate it over and over again, but without success.

Some of the signature entrees that we tried recently during our visit to Michael Mina included lobster pot pie, tuna tartare and fried chicken for two. Everything was spectacular and went way beyond already sky high expectations. They also feature a caviar cart, dessert bar and over 2,200 wines.

A warm and welcoming atmosphere, created by well-known California designer Barbara Barry, made us feel pampered, while the conscientious staff spoiled us from the instant we walked through the door. You don’t know what attentive service is until you’ve eaten at Michael Mina.

The best thing about Michael Mina is the very affordable price-fixe menu. It allows normal working stiffs like us to eat there without taking out a small business loan. The options range from the $98 price-fixe menu (3-course) to the $135 price-fixe menu (6-course). If you have the money, I would recommend the 6-course menu. I mean, how many times in your life are you going to be able to eat a meal that you’ll remember for the rest of your life?

Michael Mina is in the Westin St. Francis at 335 Powell Street, San Francisco, CA 94102. You basically can’t get into a place like this without reservations, so call them at (415) 397-9222. Hours: (Mon-Sat) 5:30 pm-10:00 pm; (Sun) 5:30 pm-9:30 pm.

The only thing I regretted when I left Michael Mina was that I didn’t have a couple of extra stomachs. It’s the only time in my life that I wanted to be a cow.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Nowak is Whacked!

AOL news reported that former astronaut Lisa Nowak is pursuing an insanity defense on charges that she assaulted and tried to kidnap a romantic rival, according to a document released Tuesday.

Defense attorney Donald Lykkebak wrote that Nowak suffered from major depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, insomnia and "brief psychotic disorder with marked stressors." He also added that she was gassy and had assorted phobias of crossword puzzles, poodles and anything involving Jerry Springer. Lykkebak noted that the already-petite Nowak had recently lost 15 percent of her body weight and was living on a diet of pop rocks and Tang."This notice does not challenge competence to stand trial, but only raises insanity at the time of the offense," he wrote. “In other words, Ms. Nowak is crazy when it suits her, primarily every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and every other Saturday.”

Nowak, 44, was charged with attempted kidnapping, removing a tag from a new mattress, jaywalking in space, breaking wind in a space capsule and blaming a fellow astronaut, battery and burglary with assault, after allegedly driving nearly 1,000 miles from Houston to Orlando to confront Colleen Shipman, the girlfriend of a former space shuttle pilot Nowak had been involved with. She was dismissed from the astronaut corps a month after her arrest.

Nowak is currently working at Chuck E. Cheese and doing testimonial ads for Snuggy diapers. “They have the stay-free gathers that prevents moisture from seeping out, which is a big deal, especially in outer space,” she said.

Nowak said that she hopes her trial will be over soon. “I want to get all of this behind me so that I can move into my new house….on Pluto.”Nowak has pleaded not guilty, and her trial is set for September. She plans on taking the stand during the trial, but will not speak, she claims. “I’ll be doing a series of shadow puppets to tell my story,” Nowak said. “And possibly some mime.”Circuit Court Judge Marc L. Lubet unsealed the notice of intent to rely on the insanity defense on Tuesday. Florida law requires such a notice before trial to let prosecutors prepare.

(Parts of this article are fictitious and provided for entertainment purposes only.)

Monday, August 27, 2007

Chalk it Up as Art

There were some great artists out in force this weekend at the Palo Alto Art & Wine Festival doing some incredible chalk art on the sidewalks of Downtown P.A. Here are some photos I took of the best drawings.

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Chubby's All Stars to Play at Yuckfest 2007

The Chubby's All Stars band held a press conference today to announce that they will be playing at the 2007 Yuletide Yuckfest at Rooster T. Feathers Comedy Club in Sunnyvale on Sunday night, December 2nd.
"The All Stars are proud to be a part of the Yuckfest, which they feel is a very worthwhile fundraiser for Toys for Tots," said Jeff Seigel, spokesman for the band. "All of the band members are unified in the belief that giving back to community in which they live, play and jam is the right thing to do."

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Need a Trophy Fast?

If you need a trophy fast, there’s a Web site out there called It’s a cool site where you can get a trophy fast and inexpensively. I get a few trophies a year, mostly for my annual Lowlife Weekend Houseboat Trip to Lake Shasta. Over the years, I’ve purchased trophies for our Sunfish Fantasy Football Tournament, Elmo’s Dart Tournament, the Slide Football Competition, ands more. Now I'm going to have to get a Rap Battle Tournament trophy for next year (see above), since I defeated Spillage in the event during this last trip!

A Great Web site for Furniture

There’s a web site that I can highly recommend called They have a great selection of very reasonably priced, high quality furniture that is some of the finest stuff you’ll find anywhere. I especially like their selection of dining room furniture. They have some really impressive dining room tables, chairs, hutches, cabinets and much more. Check them out if you’re in the market for any type of furniture!

Friday, August 24, 2007

My Fearless NFC Predictions

NFC Predictions

Seattle Seahawks:
With Shaun Alexander back and healthy and with the continued improvement of QB Matt Haselback, the rainy city will reign supreme in the NFC West and could roll in the playoffs if the defense steps up. A reconfigured offense line, anchored by Walter Jones, should open holes; a crew of talented receivers, led by Nate Burleson and Ben Obomanu, and a coach who’s been on the font lines for a long time (Mike Holmgren), these gulls will be ball hawks in the clutch.

St. Louis Rams: With the best running back (Stephen Jackson) in the NFC; an all-pro quarterback (Mark Bulger) and a smart, aggressive head coach (Scott Linehan), the Rams will thrive if they can play any defense at all. The run defense was lamb stew last year, but first-round stud DE Adam Carriker and free agent DL James Hall should help enough that opposing teams won’t have the luxury of double-teaming Leonard Little on every play. The addition of free agent receivers Drew Bennett and TE Randy McMichael will give Bulger more weapons than he had last year.

Dallas Cowboys: New head coach Wade Phillips will be a breath of fresh air compared to the uptight, controlling Bill Parcells, who is gone but not missed. If QB Tony Romo can stay healthy and focused and the defense plays consistently, the Cowboys could once again be America’s Team. RB Marion Barber, WR Terrell Owens and OG Leonard Davis are standouts on offense; up-and-coming studs like OLB DeMarcus Ware, CB Ken Hamlin and DE Marcus Spears are the best defensive players you’ve never heard of.

Chicago Bears: Rex Grossman is the anti-QB, but the Bears’ defense is so awesome that they’ll win despite him. If Brian Griese was even halfway decent, he’d be the starter by now. Hopefully, Head Coach Lovie Smith will figure out the situation and dump Grossman before the season is over. He’s the only thing keeping this team from winning a Super Bowl. A stalwart defense led by veteran S Mike Brown, MLB Brian Urlacher and SS Adam Archuleta will keep the Bears in games. If RB Cedric Benson can ramble downhill and keep Grossman’s arm at his side, this team could make a second trip to the Big One.

Philadelphia Eagles: QB Donovan McNabb is healthy again (don’t hold your breath), RB Brian Westbrook is a diminutive game breaker and the defense revamped and one year smarter. Head Coach Andy Reid is a great strategist and motivator, too – even though he can’t control his own bratty kids. Off-season moves like getting free agent WR Kevin Curtis and trading for OLB Takeo Spikes will help Philly, while defensive studs like OLB Chris Gocong, DE Javon Kearse and FS Brian Dawkins will keep the offense off the field long enough for them to gel.

NFC Champion: Dallas Cowboys

Next week: My fearless AFC predictions.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Sturgeon General

Some guys in Florida caught this 1,000-lb. sturgeon recently. Now, that's what I call a fish!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Meerkat Manor: Meerkats have a Tough Life

Meerkat Manor is a television series made by Oxford Scientific Films for Animal Planet. It presents the daily activities of a family, or mob, of wild meerkats as part of the Kalahari Meerkat Project. Although the show has elements of a documentary, and is based on actual events, the narrative is presented in a style similar to a soap opera.

The show is narrated by Bill Nighy in the UK and Canada, Mike Goldman in Australia, and Sean Astin in the USA. The series was originally shown in the UK, and is its primary home, but was picked up in Australia, Canada, and the United States, and is now a worldwide hit.

The show is currently in production for its third season of 13 episodes; as of April 2007 the second season is being shown in the UK on BBC 2 on Sunday early evenings and repeated on the next Saturday. Season 3 began airing in the United States on August 10, 2007. Other sources also report that it has been contracted for two more years.

It’s a tough life being a meerkat. First off, there’s a lot of infighting within the mob itself. Meerkats sleeping with other meerkats, messy breakups and sordid affairs. Then, they’re the other meerkat mobs that are always fighting and competing for territories. And to top it off, there are all the predators trying to eat the meerkats, like hawks, owls, other rodents and snakes. A meerkat’s life is no waltz in the woods, believe me!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

John Mayer Continues Incredible Dating Spree

John Mayer is on a dating spree that any celebrity would be proud of. Within the last year, he's been seen with Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Natalie Portman, Phyllis Diller, Anne Heche and Jennifer Love Hewitt, not to mention a bunch of models, wannabe actresses and other assorted female hotties. The man's little black book is larger than the new version of Webster's Dictionary.

Mayer is on an incredible run, collecting babes like young boys collect baseball cards. Now to top it off, he’s dating Cameron Diaz. We haven't seen a streak like this since Joe DiMaggio hit safely in 56 straight games more than five decades ago.

If Mayer had a hit song for every babe he’s been out with, he’d have sold more records than Elvis Presley and the Beatles combined by now. He’s a serial dater and is completely out-of-control. He needs to start a 12-step program through a program like Dater’s Anonymous (DA).

John Mayer and Diaz kept up their New York flirtation over the weekend, according to

The pair, who were first spotted out together in the city last week, were "all over each other" and "super flirty" at the Bowery Hotel Friday night, an onlooker tells PEOPLE.

Mayer, 29, and Diaz, 34, who sat together on a couch in the back of the patio, "were laughing and talking a lot" as the waitress brought several rounds of drinks, says the source. It's been reported that when Diaz got up to go to the restroom, John got at least 4 phone numbers.

Last Tuesday, the pair were spotted having dessert at the French-Vietnamese restaurant Indochine. "It looked like a casual date," said a source. "She was giggly. She was laughing and seemed happy."

Asked if the newly-close pair are dating, a source close to Mayer tells PEOPLE, "Yes, it's definitely true."

Diaz, who is filming What Happens in Vegas... in New York, split from longtime boyfriend Justin Timberlake in January. Mayer ended his on-again, off-again relationship with Jessica Simpson in June.

A spokesperson for Mayer, Richard Gozinya, said that the Diaz fling is nothing more than an extended booty call. “John is on a tight dating schedule,” Gozinya said. “He has women lined up pretty much through mid-2008. After he’s done with Diaz, he’ll be dating a whole slew of other celebrity ladies, including major names I can’t divulge. He’s even planning on having a few affairs with married women. Once he’s run out of them, he’ll be dating older women, possibly people like Cher and Sharon Stone. The guy is really working it like an over-sexed school boy.”

Mayer has even considered dating dead women, Gozinya said. “The poor guy is very upset that he wasn’t around to date women like Katherine Hepburn, Bette Davis and Martha Raye. He’s thinking of getting with a clairvoyant to find out if they might be interested in hooking up with him from beyond the grave.”

(Portions of this article are fictional and offered for entertainment purposes only.)

Monday, August 20, 2007

Pacific Coast League Reunion Report

Ernie Broglio Now
Ernie Broglio Then
Billy Raimondi Now
Billy Raimondi Then
The Pacific Coast League Reunion XIII was held on Saturday, August 18th at the Oakland Museum in downtown Oakland, and was attended by more than 300 former PCL players and fans. Over 30 former PCL players were on hand. There were displays of memorabilia, a great lunch and a 2-hour discussion and presentation. Bill Salveson, son of former PCL star Jack Salveson came all the way from Florida to honor his father’s induction into the PCL Hall of Fame. Former players who played in the PCL and also in the major leagues in attendance included: Charlie Silvera, Ernie Broglio, Bill Renna, Rugger Ardioza, Dario Lodigiani (all of whom I’ve interviewed), as well as the legendary Billy Raimondi, who played as a catcher in the PCL for 21 years.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Digital Cameras Rock!

The newest technology in digital cameras has changed and will continue to change the world of photography. Remember when you had to actually take pictures somewhere to get them developed? Man, it cots and arm and a leg. And then, if the pictures came out lousy, you had to pay for the prints anyway. What a waste of time, paper and cash that was. Now, with the new digital cameras, you can get super high-quality photos with super high definition and they’re only getting better. Look at these great pictures I took with my new digital camera!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Take ME to Orlando!

Oh, yes, there’s nothing like a sweet, sunny Orlando vacation to give you the super relaxing and fun time you’re looking for. I just have a major fascination with Orlando vacations. I’m just like everyone else, I guess – just searching for that sensation that comes with getting to the Sunshine State, kicking back in the sun and having an incredible time. The people are great, the food is fantastic, the days are hot and the nights are cool. There’s just so much to do in Orlando, especially during the summer months. Orlando has it all, baby – Disney World, Epcot Center, golf, concerts, sporting events, sightseeing, and so much more.

Friday, August 17, 2007

There's No Suing in Baseball!

Bonds is suing fellow players now? This could open up a whole can of worms. Sportswriters and announcers will be getting slapped with suits right and left for criticizing athletes. Bonds is going to ruffle a lot of feathers with this one, because everyone knows that there’s no suing in baseball.

One of the great things about sports is that attorneys aren’t good at them. Sure, they negotiate players’ contracts and are behind the scenes, but that’s their role and it’s very limited. Now, lawyers will be suing other athletes on behalf of their player clients and it is going to get ugly.

This article appeared yesterday in The Boston Globe:

Curt Schilling expressed no emotion yesterday after being informed that attorneys representing slugger Barry Bonds may be targeting the Red Sox pitcher for comments he made about the San Francisco Giants to HBO’s Bob Costas.

In a joint statement, attorneys Todd Schneider and John Burris said they are representing Bonds “in connection with legal issues arising from the myriad of false statements attributed to him by players, the media and others.”

Attorney Michael Rains, who has represented Bonds in the slugger’s ongoing BALCO steroids case, told the San Jose Mercury News, “This is directed at Schilling more than anybody. Schilling said some things that were inappropriate and potentially defamatory. I know it was upsetting to Barry. We talked about the issue and I know he was talking to some civil lawyers to put people on notice that he has someone defending him.”

Schilling, when told of the statement issued by Schneider and Burris, said, “I didn’t read it and I don’t have any comment about it. That’s not something I’m going to talk about.”

In a recent appearance on the HBO program “Costas Now,” Schilling brought up Kimberly Bell, a former mistress of Bonds who in 2000 testified before a grand jury about the slugger’s steroid use. She also testified that Bonds gave her money to buy a new home - money, she said, that came from baseball card shows that was not reported to the IRS

“If I wrote a book about Bob Costas and in that book I wrote about Bob Costas’ girlfriend being on the road, and Bob Costas giving that girlfriend card show money and I outlined your daily steroid regimen, I’ve got to believe your first line of defense is to sue my (butt) off,” Schilling told Costas.

In their joint statement, Schneider and Burris said they “want the public to know that Barry’s silence in the face of the accusations should not be construed as an admission of any kind. In fact, Mr. Bonds retained Schneider and Burris because of the false nature of these statements. While pursuing Hank Aaron’s home run record, Barry felt that it was more prudent to remain silent. Now that the record has been broken, Burris and Schneider will evaluate any and all statements attributed to him that are false. His attorneys are particularly concerned about individuals profiting from his accomplishments by attributing statements and/or conversations to him that never occurred.”

In the aftermath of the Schilling interview on HBO, Bonds referred to Costas as “a midget who knows (nothing) about baseball,” and said, “Don’t worry, my day will come.”

If Schneider and Burris are to be believed, that day may have arrived.

In their statement, Schneider and Burris said, “Certain members of the public and of the media are attempting to personally profit by making false and misleading comments about Mr. Bonds. This conduct has to stop and should not be tolerated by a society which prides itself on free, open and fair public dialogue.”

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Now Vick's Getting Sued

One day after Michael Vick was offered a plea agreement that would send him to jail for approximately one year, now he has a civil suit on his hands. This sounds ridiculous and probably doesn’t have any merit. When I first read it, I thought it might be a prank.
Vick has been accused of a lot of different things, but up until now, no one has questioned his allegiance to the United States. This suit appears to be a case of someone piling on. I’d like to get a little more background on this inmate to determine if this suit has any validity at all. I doubt it does.
Here is the story as it appeared on
Embattled NFL quarterback Michael Vick, facing federal charges related to his alleged participation in dog fighting, has been hit with a "$63,000,000,000 billion dollar" lawsuit filed by a South Carolina inmate who alleges the Atlanta Falcons star stole his pit bulls and sold them on eBay to buy "missiles from Iran," FOX News has learned.
Jonathan Lee Riches filed the handwritten complaint over "theft and abuse of my animals" on July 23.
Riches alleges that Vick stole two white mixed pit bull dogs from his home in Holiday, Fla., and used them for dog fighting operations in Richmond, Va. The complaint goes on to allege that Vick sold the dogs on eBay and “used the proceeds to purchase missiles from the Iran government.”
The complaint also alleges that Vick would need those missiles because he pledged allegiance to Al Qaeda in February of this year.
“Michael Vick has to stop physically hurting my feelings and dashing my hopes,” Riches writes in the complaint.
Riches wants $63 billion dollars “backed by gold and silver “delivered to the front gates to the Williamsburg Federal Correctional facility in South Carolina. Riches is an inmate at the facility serving out a wire fraud conviction.
Vick's attorneys, meanwhile, are negotiating a plea deal with federal prosecutors before new dog fighting charges are filed next week, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
No plea agreement involving Atlanta Falcons quarterback Vick has been filed, according to the court clerk, FOX News has learned.
Vick was accused of being involved in a dog fighting ring called "Bad Newz Kennels" run on property he owned in Surry County, Va. In late July, Vick pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to travel in interstate commerce in aid of unlawful activities, and conspiring to sponsor a dog in an animal fighting venture in a Richmond, Va., court.
Vick could reach an agreement ahead of new charges expected to come down next week after two more of Vick's three co-defendants prepare to enter guilty pleas later this week. By reaching a plea agreement, Vick could avoid any additional charges.

Monday, August 13, 2007

"Viva El Tigre!"

Unless he experiences a complete and total meltdown, Tiger Woods is on course to become the greatest golfer in the history of the sport within the next five years. After that, it’s likely he will set a record for winning major tournaments that will put him in the stratosphere of PGA history.
One of the great things about Tiger is that he’s a great role model, a solid citizen and a family man. People have searched long and hard to find chinks in the man’s armor, but they don’t exist. He lives to play golf and has dominated the sport since the day he turned pro.
Some fellow pro golfers and sportswriters occasionally whine and openly admit that they’d like to see someone come along and knock Tiger off his pedestal. They’re tired of seeing Tiger sin, they say. He’s taken a very difficult and trying sport – one most human beings can’t play well – and made it look easy. This frustrates people and they lash out sometimes.
I say “Viva El Tigre!” I hope he wins until he’s 100 years old if he wants to play that long. I can’t wait to see him cleaning house on the Senior Tour. I will never tire of his excellence. Every time he turns the rest of the field into pretenders, I smile from ear-to-ear.
Tiger’s fourth PGA Championship victory moved him one closer to the all-time record for winning majors, a chase that should dominate the sport's attention over the next two, three, maybe four years, at most.
He has won 13 times in 44 majors as a professional (Nicklaus won 11 in his first 44). If Woods maintains that pace, you had better get your tickets right now to the 2012 U.S. Open at the Olympic Club in San Francisco – just up the road from Stanford, where Woods went to school – because that's when he's going to tie it.
Except it won't take that long. Like his first name might imply, Woods is at his best when he's about to pounce, about to go for the kill. He tends to refocus, redouble his efforts and leave the rest of the field realizing they never stood a chance.
And there isn't going to be anything Tiger Woods wants more than his 18th major. Except, of course, his 19th.
"Well, when you first start your career, 18 is just a long way away," he said. "And even though I'm at 13, it's still a long way away. You can't get it done in one year.
"It's one of those things where it's going to take some time. And hopefully health permitting and everything goes right and I keep improving, that I'll one day surpass that."
That's a nice, humble sentiment, but the way Woods is playing now, "one day" is going to come one day soon.
If anything, his recent 5-for-22 stretch in majors (starting after his 2002 U.S. Open win at Bethpage Black) may prove to be a slow period in his career. It included dealing with a swing change, some possibly inferior Nike equipment (at least according to Phil Mickelson) and the illness and death of his father.
That's all behind him now. Maybe it's no surprise that in his last six majors he won three times and finished second twice.
Tiger is at the absolute top of his game right now, both physically and mentally. He actually claims he is (gasp) "improving." Asked if he was better than in 2000, he didn't hesitate.
"By far," he said. "Just experience. Understanding how to handle it and how to manage my game around the golf course. I have more shots than I did then just because (he has had) that many more years to learn them. And how to make adjustments on the fly just comes with experience.
"And I'll say the same thing seven years from now – more experienced then than I am now. It makes things a little bit (easier) coming down the stretch.
"You look back then; I hit the ball long, I hit it high (but) didn't really do a lot with the golf ball. I tried to, but I didn't really have an understanding how to just do it."
As he showed this week, there doesn't seem to be a shot he doesn't possess, a challenge he hasn't already faced or an external circumstance he can't overcome.
There are essentially no questions left. People tried to make a big deal that Southern Hills, with its crooked fairways, was Tiger-proof. "I don't understand why people kept saying that," Woods said. They won't again after he shot a major record-tying 63 on Friday and virtually coasted to the title the rest of the way.
And any thought that diaper duty as a new father might rattle him was finished here. He called meeting his wife and baby daughter after the round "more special" than any other celebration, which means, if anything, he now might be more motivated.
The only question is whether he can hit the accelerator and make quick work of this run toward the record and then work on putting it into the stratosphere.
He has plenty of time. Nicklaus won his last major at 46, a thrilling victory at the 1986 Masters. Woods is in far superior physical condition than Nicklaus ever was, and it is nothing to think he can remain an elite competitor until he is, say, 45. Vijay Singh is 44, and he has won twice on the tour this year and is the seventh-ranked golfer in the world. The runner-up here, Woody Austin, is 43.
If he is an elite player until only his 45th birthday, he'll have 52 more chances to win just the five majors needed to tie and six to break Nicklaus' record. Think he can win one out of every 10? Please.
If he were to maintain just his recent pace – five wins in his last 22 majors – he'll wind up with a breathtaking 24 or 25 majors before he turns 46. If he gets better, he may soar past 30.
"I certainly believe there is an art to winning," he said. "I've been in so many different circumstances to try and win championships, to win tournaments that you start getting a feel how to do it."
About the only thing that could derail him is boredom or, say, pursuit of becoming president of the United States. He may, indeed, one day become president. But this guy never is going to get bored of winning.
Perhaps this is when the charge to the record becomes official. Tiger is close now, a big year from pulling this into his sights. Next year starts beautifully for him, at Augusta, where he seemingly always is in contention, and the U.S. Open at Torrey Pines, where he has won five times in the last nine years.
History is coming now. Sooner, perhaps, than even Tiger Woods realizes.
(Portions of this article came from cbssportsline.)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

If You're Not Thinking About Fixed Asset Accounting Concerns Right Now, My Question To You Is -- WHY NOT!!

There are a lot of fixed asset managers out there as we speak who attempt to calculate depreciation using spreadsheets that they must program and update manually and by hand. This is an archaic way of doing things and these managers are not on the leading edge, to say the very least. Creating deprecation spreadsheets requires an incredible and painstaking expenditure of time and many problems can rear their ugly head. wants to assist you in getting off your spreadsheets and make your life of fixed asset accounting simple. Their Sage FAS® software can inexpensively streamline your fixed asset depreciation and asset inventory tracking activities for lower cost and increased productivity. The whole kit and kaboodle is easy to install, customize, and use. FAS solutions are comprehensive, seamlessly integrated fixed asset management systems perfectly suited for businesses of any size.

Diamonds: Everything Else is Second Best!

Diamond rings are what makes the world go round. Marriages, engagements, graduations, anniversaries – every really special occasion is accompanied by a diamond ring. Rubies, pearls, gold, silver – sure, they’re nice. But, when you want to really go with the absolute finest, a diamond is the one and only way to go. Everything else is a distant second. Whenever I see a beautiful, sparkling diamond, I think to myself – like Louie Armstrong said – it IS a wonderful world!

Stuffed Jungle Animals at

I love stuffed animals and one of the best places to buy them online is at I had a girlfriend in high school who loved giraffes. A buddy of mine collects elephant-related items. Whether you like pandas, leopards, tigers, lions, bears, monkeys, hippos, gorillas, rhinos – you name it, they have it at They also have endangered species stuffed animals, which is great. Did you know that the bald eagle was recently taken off the endangered species list? I think that’s awesome!

Jenks is White Sox Hot!

Bobby Jenks exited the White Sox clubhouse almost as fast as he's been setting down batters over the last few weeks. The Chicago closer retired the side in the ninth last night in the White Sox 5-3 victory over the Seattle Mariners, his 33rd save in 38 chances. He's set down 38 straight batters, tying David Wells' American League record set in 1998 with the New York Yankees.
It's the fourth-longest streak in major league history.
"That's unbelievable," said White Sox starter Javier Vazquez. "That's tough to do, especially in (that) situation."
Jenks has been providing game-ending shutdowns on a consistent basis all season, but his latest run is definitely impressive. Jenks doesn’t get a ton of press – he just goes about his business in a calm, methodical manner. He’s not out late at night partying or chasing groupies and is a man of few words. Jenks is beloved by his teammates and respected throughout the league as a solid individual and a team player, something that’s more and more of a rarity in today’s sports world.
Jenks did not make himself available to the media afterward because he did not want to discuss the streak, a team spokesman said. He's three batters away from tying the record Jim Barr set for San Francisco in 1972.
Josh Fields hit two homers, Jermaine Dye went deep and Juan Uribe doubled in the go-ahead run in the seventh for the White Sox, who have won seven of nine against four teams in playoff contention: the New York Yankees, the Detroit Tigers, the Cleveland Indians and the Mariners.
Vazquez (10-6) allowed three runs and nine hits in seven innings, struck out three and allowed one intentional walk. He improved to 7-1 in his last 10 starts and has won at least 10 games in eight straight seasons.
Kenji Johjima and Raul Ibanez hit solo shots for the Mariners, who trail the Los Angeles Angels by 3 1/2 games in the AL West and are tied with the Yankees atop the wild-card standings.
three-game sweep, but didn't give much run support to Jarrod Washburn (8-9) in Chicago.
The left-hander allowed seven hits and five runs in 6 2-3 innings to lose his second straight and third in six starts. He struck out six, walked two and has not won since pitching eight shutout innings at Kansas City on July 4.
"The whole game I felt like I threw better than I have in quite a while," Washburn said. "I've been struggling a little bit, not throwing the ball that great. For the most part, I thought I threw the ball real well today."
Manager John McLaren said, "He had some crisp pitches, and he pitched well enough to win. He deserved a better fate than that."
Tied at 3, the Mariners failed to capitalize after loading the bases with one out in the seventh and paid for it in the bottom half.
Dye led off with a single and came around on Uribe's double off the wall in left, making it 4-3. Uribe advanced to third on the throw home and scored with two out on Darin Erstad's triple to shallow center, the ball rolling by a diving Ichiro Suzuki.
Dye homered in the second, and Fields went deep in the third and sixth — his first multi-homer game.
(Portions of this article were taken from, and

Friday, August 10, 2007

Stars Removed from Hollywood's Walk of Fame

It's another story of stoned celebrities going through rehab. Only these are real stars.Sixty-one stars from the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles - including those of Charlton Heston, Cary Grant, Clark Gable and Frank Sinatra - have been removed and stored while a $500-million hotel-shopping-housing project is built on Vine Street near Hollywood Boulevard.

“We pulled Heston’s star because of Soylent Green and Planet of the Apes,” said Official Academy Wannabe Richard Liss. “Cary Grant got the axe for Houseboat and Charade and Clark Gable was pulled because of Mogambo and To Please a Lady and for the fact that he had really bad teeth. We 86’ed Sinatra for On the Town, all of the Oceans movies and for the simple reason that he punched out way too many people during his career.”

Eight of the terrazzo star squares crumbled as they were removed from the walkway."We saved the brass. They'll be rebuilt," said Tim Maxwell, project manager for Webcor Builders, which is involved in the construction project.The stars were placed in a secure warehouse, where they'll remain until the project is completed in 2009.The removal of the stars and the closure of a half-block near the famous intersection of Hollywood and Vine has angered some people."This was done for a private developer. This was not done for the public's interest, like when the stars were removed back in the '90s for the Metro Red Line (subway) construction," said John Walsh, a longtime Hollywood activist. "Closing down sidewalks for years at a time like they do here would never happen in New York City."

The sidewalk needed reconstruction because it was improperly sloped and didn't meet federal requirements for providing access for wheelchairs, said Ken Summers, project director for Webcor Builders. The new sidewalk will be flatter, he said.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

First-Time Home Buyers Rejoice!!

The real estate market is great for buyers right now. The crazy prices we’ve been hearing about for the past 20 years are finally leveling off. A lot of people who bought homes a couple of years ago are being forced to unload them because they can’t pay their loans. This is an ideal moment for first-time home buyers to step up. The housing insanity is finally coming back down to earth. ADVANTAGE: BUYERS!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Pt. Lobos National Park Photos

Need a Good Accident Lawyer? You Might if you Live in New York City!!

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

On Vacation

I'm on vacation until next Wednesday. I'll be back blogging like a fool then. See ya!