Friday, January 12, 2007

Loft Beds are a sleeping solution

When I was a kid, they called it a bunkbed, but now it's known as a loft bed, and they’re not just for children anymore. Since I am notorious for snoring, Angelina has been sleeping upstairs a lot, and I’m thinking that getting a loft bed might be the solution. They have so many cool designs and configurations nowadays, and the prices are reasonable, so maybe that’s the way we’ll go. Then, we have a major decision to make – who will get the bottom bunk?

When Will the Next Big One Hit? And Who Will Be Prepared?

Here in earthquake country, emergency supplies are a big deal. We’ve had two huge earthquakes in San Francisco, one in 1906 and one in 1989, so you never know when the next big shakeup is just around the corner. That’s why Angelina and I are buying an emergency preparedness kit, complete with battery-free lights, vacuum packed food and water and first aid kits. That why while SF falls down all around us, we’ll be safe!

An affordable place to live

With real estate prices through the roof here in Northern California, Angelina and I are looking for a place to live where we might be able to afford a home. One of our friends told us recently about Ellijay real estate and it sounds like a great place to live. It’s in the hills of Georgia and features log cabins nestled amongst gentle green mountains, with sparkling creeks, a moderate climate, full of natural beauty, clean air and low stress living. Sounds like the antithesis of busy, bustling, expensive San Francisco. And best of all, the homes there are affordable!