Saturday, April 04, 2009

Travel Health Insurance: You're Gonna Get It Because You Gotta Get It!

Travel health insurance, also known as International Medical Insurance, provides high-quality, comprehensive coverage for emergency medical costs that occur while you're traveling to, residing in, or visiting a foreign country. Did you know that? Because I never knew what it was until I was asked to blog about it. After doing some research, I was pleased to discover that travel health insurance isn't that expensive and is really necessary if you're going to travel, especially abroad. The only way you can get peace of mind while traveling is by purchasing this very specific type of insurance. I bet the individual(s) in the vehicle above wished they had bought travel health insurance.

BrooWaha: The Demise of a Citizen Newspaper

More than two years ago, I began writing for a citizen newspaper called BrooWaha. I instantly took to the format and before I knew it, I was submitting more than 10-12 articles per week, using much of the content you'll find on this blog.

When I started, BrooWaha (or "Broo" as many of the contributors call it) was great. It was fun to post articles and interact with many of the colorful characters that write on Broo. I am now the most-published and most-viewed writer in the history of BrooWaha. I'd like to thank Ariel, the Founder of Broo, for giving me more exposure than I could ever get through Life On the Edge.

Well, for no apparent reason, BrooWaha has fallen off as of late. If the site isn't dead, it's at least very sick. In its heyday, there were a ton of very talented writers submitting great new artices each week. It was fun judging other people's work and vice versa.

But, the site lost a lot of its writers and with it, much of its readership, apparently. The comments are shrinking and the articles are few. And now, since last week, I haven't even been able to post an article, something I've done on the site 269 times.

I don't know what happened to BrooWaha. But, I sure will miss it.