Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Our Mayor Here in SF is a Dog!!

SF Mayor Gavin Newsom has had a tough year and it’s only February. First, he gets caught sleeping with his buddy’s wife and now he’s announced that he has a serious alcohol problem and is going into rehab. Wow. In 2006, Newsom was an up-and-coming politician with a promising future, and now his future looks about as bright as Scott Peterson’s. San Francisco is a very open-minded and permissive city. Drinking and getting drunk is part of the culture here. But, folks will not look past the fact that he slept with someone else’s wife. That is unforgivable. The guy could have had any brainless little hottie in town (we have a surplus here!) and instead he beds down with a friend’s wife. There are men out there who specialize in that type of behavior. They do it because: 1.) They know the woman is in a relationship, so it’s guaranteed to be a no strings attached affair and after it’s over they can move on and 2.) It’s a conquest – their way of proving to themselves that they can have this woman despite the fact that she’s in a relationship. This city is full of these deplorable male dogs. They love nothing more than messing up other guys’ relationships by screwing their wives and girlfriends. It’s part of the sexual landscape not just in SF but throughout the country. Young people don’t even date anymore – they “hook up.” What has our society turned into? What happened to faithfulness and loyalty and being honest? Gavin Newsom stepped over the line and now he has to pay. I’d be drinking too if I were him. I’d be down at the Bus Stop or at the Balboa CafĂ© getting hammered right now. His political life is over!