Sunday, September 06, 2009

Gilligan Knew Nothing About Search Engine Optimization Software

Gilligan Knew Nothing About Search Engine Optimization Software. Maybe he would have avoided messing up a three-hour tour if he was just a little smarter. But, then there never would have been a great T.V. series, Gilligan's Island. Think about it. And why did the Professor know absolutely nothing about the best newest SEO Tool products on the market today. Of course, you're not going to get access to Search Engine Optimization Software.

Ping Pong!

I love the sport of ping pong. At my old bachelor flat daze, we had a ping pong table running 24/7, usually cash games with some of the finest ping pong players in the region. We had Ty Togu, Bill Gottapayit and Dupta Dupta--all three all-star paddling pros. Ping pongers were pulled into from all Cali, and pretty soon we bought a very high-end, super high-quality ping pong table. I was never that good at the game myself. I never developed a top-notch competition-level backhand. But, I enjoy the sport. It's high speed and super intense--just the way I like it!