Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Mark Your Territory

In places where homes are close to one another, which is what you’ll find in many neighborhoods in Northern California, yard markers are very important. They come in many forms and can be decorative or even functional. That way you can designate where your yard starts and your neighbor’s yard starts.

I'm Overwhelmed By My Own Biz Cards!

I work on so many different projects that I need a bunch of different business cards. Getting new ones can be very expensive, so I try to get a lot at once to make them more affordable. By printing them in batches I can save $$! I need one card for my freelance writing, and different ones for my sports writing, blogging, ad sales, food and restaurant review writing, as well as cards for all my web sites and blogs. Whew!

The Quality of HDTV is Getting Better Every Year!

Man, am I getting excited about the new high-definition TV’s that are coming out. The high-def revolution is moving faster than the speed of light, and the images on some of these new sets are incredible. One of the keys to high-quality high-def is using the right cables. My buddy Todd just bought an HDMI cable for his system, which gives him high-definition video in its purest digital form. We watched a basketball game at his house the other night and his picture quality knocked me out, baby!