Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gonzaga University Online Masters Degree

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Friday, September 18, 2009

The History of Cardboard Displays

Working in advertising and marketing, I am occasionally asked to design a cardboard display, mini billboard concept or a type of banners or standard signage. Cardboard displays have a big market. Movies, videos, music CD's, toys--they all use cardboard displays one form or another. This type of signage goes all the way back to the 1920's, so it's a very accepted form that has a rich history. The new technology in this industry has made it a new renaissance. I'm seeing amazing new products in this segment all the time!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


My beautiful bride recently mentioned a possible upcoming vacation.
I asked her, "What would you want if you could do anything anywhere?"

She said "Orlando."

So, being the dutiful husband, I started researching Orlando. Wow, it's a great place to visit. Of course, you've got Disney World, but they also have great golf courses, water sports, nature, great weather, super restaurants, entertainment, etc.

When I took my findings to the wife, she threw me a curve.
"I don't want Orlando the City. I want Orlando Bloom, the actor. You said whatever I wanted!"

Ouch, I thought to myself. How the hell am I going to get Orlando Bloom here?

(More to report...)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Movin' Has Changed!

Back in the day, if you had to get involve in long distance moving, it was a real hassle to get where you're going. Today, we have all of the benefits associated of making a long distance move easier and less time-consuming. In this world today, folks are moving from country to country anymore. It used to be a big deal if someone moved a couple 100 miles. Now, it's not a big deal when people move from China to Cupertino or vice versa. Are you moving soon? It may be a dramatic event, but you'll get through it okay!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Jim Carroll is Now One of the People Who Died

Jim Carroll, an icon of the underground for his memoir, 'The Basketball Diaries,' died Friday, Sept. 11, in his New York City apartment of a heart attack, his ex-wife Rosemary Carroll told the New York Times. He was 60.
I met Jim in 1986, when he read some of his poetry at San Jose State University. Afterward, we shared a beer and some other non-heavy drugs. He was a really great guy--we watched an NBA game on TV and chatted for a couple of hours. Every time I meet a great writer, I go home and write. Jim re-excited me about writing back during a down period in my life.
Carroll also enjoyed success as the frontman for the band that sported his name, with the touching punk rock ode, 'People Who Died,' a furiously paced list of his fallen comrades, enjoying alternative radio success in the early '80s and turning up surprisingly on the soundtrack for 'E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial,' when Steven Spielberg chose the song for the opening scene of the film. He recorded multiple albums, including 'Dry Dreams' and 'I Write Your Name.'
Carroll's music connections always ran deep, with his stream of consciousness flow and storied life, portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio in the film adaption of 'The Basketball Diaries,' being a perfect fit with the New York CBGB scene of the '70s. In fact, it was Patti Smith, who brought Carroll up on stage to share his poetry during a late '70s tour, that led him to form the Jim Carroll Band. He was eventually signed to Atlantic Records at the urging of Keith Richards. And while Carroll would take a 14-year absence from music, returning in 1998 with 'Pools of Mercury,' he remained a force in the music world, writing lyrics for acts like Blue Oyster Cult and performing live occasionally with the Doors' Ray Manzarek as part of a spoken word act.
He has been largely out of public eye in recent years, working on a novel he had been speaking of for some time, but the influence of 'Basketball Diaries' has never waned, with a new generation of musicians, like Pearl Jam, who recorded the title track to 'Catholic Boy' with Carroll for the film version of the book, Rancid, who invited Carroll to write part of the track 'Junky Man,' and Marilyn Manson and Drive-By Truckers, who covered Carroll songs, sharing his legacy.
He also wrote 'The Basketball Diaries' sequel 'Forced Entries: The Downtown Diaries, 1971 - 1973,' and the critically lauded collections of poetry, 'Book of Nods' and 'Fear of Dreaming.' But it was 'The Basketball Diaries' for which he will forever be immortalized. I spent an afternoon with Carroll in 1998 in NYC and he talked about the influence of the book. "I remember doing this radio show to promote the soundtrack album to 'The Basketball Diaries," he recalled. "All these kids would call in and sayin' I saw the movie & how could you put out all that stuff about your life, how did you get the nerve to do that? I'd say something like, which is true, if you're going to be a writer you have to be able to put out everything about yourself."
Carroll is survived by a brother, Tom.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Gilligan Knew Nothing About Search Engine Optimization Software

Gilligan Knew Nothing About Search Engine Optimization Software. Maybe he would have avoided messing up a three-hour tour if he was just a little smarter. But, then there never would have been a great T.V. series, Gilligan's Island. Think about it. And why did the Professor know absolutely nothing about the best newest SEO Tool products on the market today. Of course, you're not going to get access to Search Engine Optimization Software.

Ping Pong!

I love the sport of ping pong. At my old bachelor flat daze, we had a ping pong table running 24/7, usually cash games with some of the finest ping pong players in the region. We had Ty Togu, Bill Gottapayit and Dupta Dupta--all three all-star paddling pros. Ping pongers were pulled into from all Cali, and pretty soon we bought a very high-end, super high-quality ping pong table. I was never that good at the game myself. I never developed a top-notch competition-level backhand. But, I enjoy the sport. It's high speed and super intense--just the way I like it!