Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Getting Old and Loving Life

Now that I am 50, I'm starting to think about things like old age and all that comes with it--bad knees, bad skin, bad flatulence, a bad back, bad hips, a balding scalp, rotting teeth and a whole lot more. The one thing they all share is the operative word "bad." Things I have never even thought about before--like Bingo, life insurance rates, knee braces, the cost of good chirpractic, the value of getting a good night's sleep, the pleasure of a complete bowel movement, eating without choking and watching a whole movie without falling asleep--these are my new values since I passed the half-century mark. Aging sucks, but what can you do? I plan on getting old with a sense of humor. I plan on having fun right up until the end.

How Healthy Are Your Dogs?

My friend's dog Magic died recently and I when I found out about it yesterday, I was quite upset. He was a great dog and a good friend of my buddy's for a long time, going with him everywhere. It made me think about I much I cherish my dogs and how bad I am going to feel when they finally pass on to another place. But, like they say--all dogs go to heaven--so hopefully if I can make it up there and re-join them at some point. That's why it's so important to get the right pet supplies for your pets. Keeping them healthy means they'll be around longer and will live better lives!

Rocky Horror in a Home Theater

We sat in Tico's home theater watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I have seen it over 50 times, but never tire of it. As I laid back, relaxing in the incredibly comfortable home theater seating, I looked at Tim Curry and marveled about how good he looked as a woman. Kind of like Bugs Bunny and Bob Hope.

"I love the part where Susan Sarandon gets semi-naked," Tico offered.

Who doesn't? I thought to myself.

"This is the scene where Meat Loaf almost cuts his hand off with a chainsaw."

The best part about watching Rocky Horror at home is that you don't have to put up with all the nerds in their ridiculous costumes, yelling stupid stuff at the screen and throwing things. One time a guy blew fake vomit all over me and another time I got squirted with some fake blood,

"Let's dance!" Tico said.

Who am I to argue? I said to myself.
Tico danced like a bear who had just taken a tranquilizer dart.
He'd pass out soon enough I figured. And then I could eat all the Dreyer's.