Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Diamond Hoops Get the Props

I am looking for a nice gift to give my fiancee on her birthday next month. Many people are suggesting things to give her. One individual mentioned diamond hoop earrings. I like it. They're cool, hip, not too extravagant price-wise and I think Angelina would really like them. It's so hard to buy gifts for women--I mean, how long can you do the flowers-candy-jewelry thing? I don't have enough $$ to buy her what she REALLY wants--like a Lexus, a vacation in Italy, all kinds of expensive hand bags, etc. So, I guess diamond hoop earrings might just be the way to go. Buying the right gift is so important. Believe me fellas--if you blow it buying the wrong gift, you'll pay for it for many years to come!

I Love Vegas!

For those who know me, I don't gamble anymore. But, back in the day, I used to live in the casinos and maintained a high-roller status for quite some time. Ahhhh, those were the days--limos, suites, parties, parties and more parties; free food, free drinks, free fun from every corner of the City of Sin. But, alas--those wonderful days are over..for good. Now I don't drink, I don't gamble and I am getting married in just 7 weeks. Those wild times are definitely a thing of the past; which is a good thing, because if I had continued on with that crazy lifestyle, I would probably not be alive today. But, that doesn't mean that you, my readers, can't still have a blast when you go to Vegas. Check out the great Vegas vacations that are on the market right now. And think of me when you have the time of your life!

This is One Expensive Mutt!

My pit Shelly loves hundreds in her belly!