Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Diamond Hoops Get the Props

I am looking for a nice gift to give my fiancee on her birthday next month. Many people are suggesting things to give her. One individual mentioned diamond hoop earrings. I like it. They're cool, hip, not too extravagant price-wise and I think Angelina would really like them. It's so hard to buy gifts for women--I mean, how long can you do the flowers-candy-jewelry thing? I don't have enough $$ to buy her what she REALLY wants--like a Lexus, a vacation in Italy, all kinds of expensive hand bags, etc. So, I guess diamond hoop earrings might just be the way to go. Buying the right gift is so important. Believe me fellas--if you blow it buying the wrong gift, you'll pay for it for many years to come!

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