Sunday, May 18, 2008

Promo Products Help You Get It Done, Marketing-Wise!

A pen, a pin, a hat, a shirt, an apron, an umbrella, a briefcase, a visor, a sweatshirt, a mousepad, a frisbee, a dinner plate, a coffee mug, a BBQ mitt, a wine glass, a trophy, a beer mug, a banner, a polo shirt, a golf bag--these are all things that I have been given by companies trying to use the power of promotional products the best way they know how. The amazing thing, is--I kept all this stuff, so it must have some value to me on some level. Get your name on a product today. It's a form of advertising and marketing that's been working for many, many years. It's positive expsoure with a proven track record. Go Promo, Yo! And Hey--Do It Today!

Maxim Lighting is the Maximum in Savings and Style

We're going to need some more light around here. Sometimes, it gets too dark for my liking in the early evening or late afternoon when the frosty fog rolls in, which it can do even in the middle of summer. And that's why we've considered purchasing a fine piece of Maxim lighting. If you haven't had an opportunity to check out these beautifully crafted high-quality lighting products, you should really get on your horse and look at them now, online. They have lamps, ceiling lighting and any other kind of lighting you can imagine. Maxim has been making lighting products for 35 years, so they're very, very good at it. So, brighten up your life with Maxim lighting.