Thursday, January 18, 2007

107.9 The End: My Douche Bags of the Month

I am completely upset over the recent news that a woman died from drinking too much water in an on-air contest held at 107.9 The End, a radio station in Sacramento. This tragedy is another example of how radio is the absolute lowest entertainment form on the planet, right down there with mimes and party clowns. I have some friends who are DJ’s and I consider them to be a little higher quality than most of the pabulum serving hacks out there because at least they act like real human beings and not like robotic reading machines. These idiot DJ’s killed this woman in my opinion. How dumb can they be? Haven’t they heard about other people who have died from consuming too much water? First off, it’s a crazy idea from the very start. Why would you ever make it into a contest? Why don’t they just ask people to burn cigarette holes in their arms or eat feces? It’s just inane to begin with. Radio station DJ’s are untalented as a rule. They are unoriginal and will copy each other because it’s all about ratings. They come on with their phony sounding voices and announce things like celebrity birthdays and entertainment gossip and other assorted meaningless drivel. They show up at shopping malls doing stupid promotions and give away things like buttons and cheap-ass t-shirts. I And then they put on these dumb contests, where listeners will scramble for anything free. They think they are giving folks their 15 seconds of fame, but it’s basically pathetic. The DJ’s for 107.9 The End should be fired and taken off the air forever. Spare all of us this type of idiocy and keep them away from the public. I happily make them my douche bags of the month!