Monday, March 19, 2007

God Did Good When He Invented Ice!

I don't care what you say -- there's nothing like a cool drink filled to the top with ice. Whichever day God made the stuff on, it was a very good day. I think it was the same day He made women, poker, beer and steak -- the Man was on a roll!

Isagenix Day One: Last Nite Was a Sushi Feast

Today I’m starting my Isagenix 30-day cleansing program. So, last night I went out for my final meal. I didn’t want to pig out and then have to work that much harder to lose the weight I gained with one huge high-fat feat of gluttony, so I decided to make my last hurrah a sushi dinner at my favorite sushi bar here in SF, Wasabi & Ginger. It was a great way to treat myself one last time. You can eat on the Isagenix program, but not at the level I've grown accustomed to. And that's why I'm fat! As I get more and more into the Isagenix program, I’ll be posting articles about my progress, etc. Stay tuned!