Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Are U Looking for a Franchise That Will Make You $$ & Solidify Your Place in the Universe? Huh, R U? Maybe It's Time 4 U to Get With the Gator!

Are you thinking about starting your own business? Let me suggest that before you go out on a financial limb, that you seriously think about obtaining a franchise. There are a ton of really great franchise opportunities out there is the world right now. We're talking about finding a franchise opportunity that is ideal for you--that will tap into your talents and abilities, not to mention your passions, and give you a business that is proven to be successful and that you can call your very own. There's a web site out there that I have recommended before. It's called http://www.franchisegator.com/. Let the Gator get you the biz opp you're looking for. It's better now than later when you're talking 'bout the Gator!

Are YOU Looking 4 a New Laptop?

I think it might be time to purchase a new laptop computer. I bought the one I have about five years ago, so it's time. I guess I'll look at a site called www.buy.com. I have heard that they have some really great deals on laptops. The technology of the laptop computer has progressed significantly over the past half-decade. With Wifi and music downloads, not to mention streaming video, getting the right laptop for you is no easy task. Laptology (a word I just made up) is a science now, so I will have to really sit down and look at all of the available options b-4 I buy!