Friday, September 21, 2007

Van Halen Hits The Road Once More!

They’re baaaaaaaack! Van Halen is going on tour again, this time with a vengeance. David Lee Roth is back, and the bass player is history (Eddie’s son has replaced him), but the band is back together and hitting the road. I first saw Mammoth (the band that later became Van Halen) at a dance at St. Francis High School in 1974. David Lee Roth was just as obnoxious as he is today, and Eddie Van Halen was awesome even back then. This should be a great tour, so if Van Halen comes to your town, the Van Halen tour is a must-see!

Are Your Office Desks The Very Best?

A good office desk is vital to the operational success of a company within a structured internal office environment. If your company is currently using poor quality, sub-standard office desks, this is possibly why your organization is not operating at peak levels. Things like company morale, efficiency and productivity can all be adversely affected by office desks that are not the very best.

Creakiness Rears It's Ugly Head

As I get closer to 50, my joints are screaming and creaking just like this old house I live in in San Francisco. It happens as you get older, what can I say? That’s why I was very interested in finding out more about osteoarthritis relief, on a web site called These people know a lot about natural remedies and their site is just amazing. We all get a little creakier as we get older, but if there are natural remedies out there, why not check them out?