Thursday, March 05, 2009

"No Sweat"--Dehumidifiers Can Help!

Where did the term "Sweating like a pig" come from? Do swine sweat more than people do? Here in California, humidity is not a big issue. We don't have the humid climate that you might find in places like Florida, for example. When I was in Florida, I could not believe the extreme humidity. It was so uncomfortable--I felt like a big, sticky glob of flesh. I am so happy to be living here in San Francisco. To me, it's the best climate in the country. Sure, we get a lot of fog and rain (it's been raining now for almost two straight weeks!), but I hate the heat and it never gets over 90 degrees in SF. The average temperature is around 65 degrees, which I think is ideal. For you readers who live in humid areas, maybe you should consider buying one of the many good dehumidifiers that are out there on the market today. A high-quality dehumidifier can remove excess moisture from the air, as well as eliminate volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like mold spores, germs and assorted bacteria. That way you can leave the sweating to the pigs!