Monday, September 15, 2008

Leaping for Leptovox

I know I talk a lot about diet pills and I have gotten some e-mails asking me why. Well, they are several reasons. For one, I have had success with them. For another, I believe in them. And I only talk about those I have tried or received good reviews about from my network of dieting friends. One of these that I have recently encountered is called Leptovox. It is very similar in many ways to another one I just reviewed last week called Lipovox. From what I have been able to surmise, Leptovox is a little more high-end and targeted with its ingredients. I have heard that it's highly effective and very low-risk. As I have always said--do not take my word for it without checking with your doctor. Taking any of these pills or supplements without consulting your physician is just plain dumb!