Saturday, April 07, 2007

Capturing Baseball History

I’m rolling along with my interviews for The Society of Baseball Research (SABR). I found a list of the 25 oldest living MLB players and I’ve already interviewed Rollie Stiles (#1: Age: 100) and Herman Franks (#15: Age: 93). On Monday, I’ll be talking to Nick Strincevich (#25: Age: 92). I’m on a mission to interview these players before they pass on to the big baseball diamond in the sky. Capturing their recollections is my goal. Also on my radar: Lonnie Frey (#4: Age: 96), even though when I called him last week he told me to get lost; Tony Malinosky (#3: Age: 97); Clarence Ace Parker (#8: Age: 94); and Ralph Hodgin (#23: Age: 92).

Consider Telecom Consulting or Perish Financially in Today's Ever-Changing World of Business

Is your company dropping too much moola on its phone services? If you don’t stay on top of the situation, these phone companies will gouge you at each and every turn. Every business, regardless of its size and function, should get some Telecom Consulting to make sure they’re getting the best out there and not taking it in the shorts from the telecommunications provider. In today’s business environment, companies need to take advantage of every resource they can to remain successful. Otherwise, your company can end up being just another tragic statistic.

Cliffside Helps People Get on the Right Side of Addiction

So many people out there are addicted to some type of drug these days. I am amazed to hear about friends who are hooked on prescription pain killers and things like that. I just wrote an article recently for a wonderful drug rehab center in Malibu called Cliffside. These people are true professionals and really understand addiction and how to beat it. It’s a different approach for each individual and they succeed! If you know anyone who is addicted to something and it’s reached the serious stage – check them out.