Saturday, April 07, 2007

Capturing Baseball History

I’m rolling along with my interviews for The Society of Baseball Research (SABR). I found a list of the 25 oldest living MLB players and I’ve already interviewed Rollie Stiles (#1: Age: 100) and Herman Franks (#15: Age: 93). On Monday, I’ll be talking to Nick Strincevich (#25: Age: 92). I’m on a mission to interview these players before they pass on to the big baseball diamond in the sky. Capturing their recollections is my goal. Also on my radar: Lonnie Frey (#4: Age: 96), even though when I called him last week he told me to get lost; Tony Malinosky (#3: Age: 97); Clarence Ace Parker (#8: Age: 94); and Ralph Hodgin (#23: Age: 92).

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Anonymous said...

Lonnie Frey just had a birthday August 23rd and he was 97 years old. I mailed him a birthday card and he DROVE to my house (we live in the same community) and thanked me for it. It was hard to talk to him because he can't hear too well and you have to shout. So he didn't stay too long, but I did ask him if I could take his picture. He looks pretty good for 97. Too bad about his hearing. He would be interesting to talk to.