Friday, March 21, 2008

Massage Chairs

I am thinking of buying a massage chair. The technology of these types of chairs has really come a long way. I have been working out every day (and I've lost approx. 30 lbs. since Jan. 1) and part of that means I'm sore a lot of the time. My back gets achy and I am creaky a lot of the time, so a massage chair would be nice to sit in while I'm at home watching TV or sitting at my desk writing and attempting to meet my crazy deadlines. Massage chairs are pretty affordable too. So, what are you waiting for? Check them out today and make a smart decision. You can live LIFE ON THE EDGE, but once in a while it doesn't hurt to make a prudent move now and then.

Get the Best Buy with

Human beings instictively want the best price on things. It is one of the things (other than opposable thumbs) that separates us from other forms of life. We all went to make the best buy. And that's why we all love web sites like The Internet has really helped people save money on just about everything. The consumer has really benefitted from the advent of the World Wide Web. It just makes good sense -- why would you want to spend too much money on something unless you really have to? Check out next time you're thinking of opening up that wallet of yours. Be a little smarter than the kitten in this photo!

What Happens in Vegas...

Sin City. The Big "V." The Den of Decadence. People have called Las Vegas many things, but I just call it one thing -- FUN! With all the great restaurants, shows and attractions, Las Vegas isn't just for gamblers and degenerates anymore. If you're headed to the Dusty City, I would suggest you check out a site called They have some of the best deals on Vegas rooms that you will find anywhere. If you're going to party like it's 2008 down on The Strip, take a tip from Life on The Edge -- save yourself some bucco bux and visit http://www.i4vegas/ first! Sve your money and get a nice room at a great price. You'll be thanking me big-time, baby!

Great Deals on Books!

There's a web site called that offers some amazing deals on books. If you're into reading, this site is something you really should check out. I myself like to read strictly non-fiction. I don't think I've read a novel in 20 years. In my opinion, real life is more entertaining than anything the human mind can conjure up. Don't get me wrong -- I love good literature and I have read all of the greats, including Shakespeare, Hemingway, Faulkner, DeClue, Bradbury, Berghammer, Wolfe and more. I like to read about true crime, baseball (my real passion), biographies and historical analysis. I have also gotten into the habit of reading books randonly. I will open up the book at any point in the story, read for a while, and close the book. The next time around I do the same thing. It drives my fiancee mad!