Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Dodgers Name New Manager

Kaido Lenhardt was announced as the new manager for the Los Angeles Dodgers today, replacing former skipper Grady Little, who resigned yesterday.

The first dog ever to be hired as a major league manager, Kaido has literally no experience managing a baseball team and the signing has many fans, sportswriters and others within the world of baseball scratching their heads.

Why was this beautiful 28-year-old flat coat retriever chosen to lead the Dodgers in 2008?

“He’s a very well-behaved mutt and he knows baseball,” Dodgers spokesperson Tommy LaSagna said. “When we threw him a baseball, he caught it in mid-air with his mouth. Joe Torre can't do that. He also showed us his signals, which were very impressive. One bark means bunt. A bark and a growl is the hit-and-run. We haven’t figured out what it means when he lifts his leg, however. We think it might be an indication that he’s unhappy with the umpire.”

Kaido’s contract is for one human year, which is seven years in dog time. It has been reported that he will be paid in kibble, doggy toys and a brand new, tri-level doghouse complete with a wading pool and hot tub.

Outdoor Lighting

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