Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Arrrgh! The Pirates Dinner Show in Orlando

Hello there, land lubbers! If you’ve got treasure buried somewhere, it’s best to tell us now, because if we have to go digging for it, you’ll be walking the plank! It’s the Pirates Dinner Show in Orlando and it’s an exciting night of fun, fantasy and pirate adventures. Full of audience participation, you’ll love the delicious plentiful food, the amazing sets and the incredible performers as they take you into the world of pirates during this awesome show. Once you enter, you’re invited to start off your evening with a bountiful appetizer buffet as Princess Anita’s special dinner guests. Savor the King's assorted tasty snacks, salads, and special sauces. The faire alone is more than worth the price of admission! The festival buffet is prepared to whet the appetite of absolutely everyone – young and old, pirate, princess or prince. And that’s just the beginning of the evening’s festivities. There’s a feast for the senses coming your way that will surely satiate even the hungriest of pirates at the Pirates Dinner Show in Orlando. It’s an incredible adventure, transporting you to a dreamland like you’ve never seen before, with danger, gold, wenches, and a whole chest of surprises! Discount tickets are available for this wonderful night of fun and frivolity. It’s one evening you and your family will treasure for a lifetime. The Pirates Dinner Show in Orlando. Do not miss it!

Alyssa Milano: She's All Blue!

Alyssa Milano is every guy’s dream girl. She’s super smart, incredibly beautiful, a savvy business woman AND (maybe best of all) she’s an LA Dodger fan. She has a great baseball web site called “Touch ‘em All (Alyssa.mlblogs.com) where she has some very well-written, highly insightful postings about the LA Bums. Milano also has a new clothing company called “Touch,” featuring a lot of baseball apparel.
There’s just something so sexy about a woman who knows her baseball. I always enjoy talking to women who know their stuff. Alyssa has obviously been a baseball fan for a long time, and it shows.
And to top it off, she’s just signed to do a new film. This press release appeared on her web site (Alyssa.com.):
Milo Ventimiglia, one of the stars of NBC's "Heroes," has signed on to Topline Lakeshore Entertainment's horror thriller "Pathology." Alyssa Milano, Lauren Lee Smith and Johnny Whitworth also have been cast in the movie, which is being directed by Marc Schoelermann.
"Crank" filmmakers Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor are producing with Lakeshore's Tom Rosenberg and Gary Lucchesi.
Written by Neveldine and Taylor, the story centers on a young intern (Ventimiglia) who is studying pathology at Philadelphia's University Hospital and encounters an attractive but murderous group of colleagues who have devised a deadly game to see who among them can commit the perfect murder, while the others compete to determine the cause of death.
Milano will play Ventimiglia's fiancée, while Smith ("Trick 'r Treat") and Whitworth ("3:10 to Yuma") are the med students.
The film is being released by MGM in the U.S., and Lakeshore will be introducing the film to international buyers at the Festival de Cannes market in May. Production is scheduled to begin in May.
Ventimiglia, who plays the power-absorbing Peter Petrelli on "Heroes," was most recently seen on the big screen in "Rocky Balboa." He is repped by CAA.
Milano, who starred in the long-running television series "Charmed," recently completed production on the indie feature "The Blue Hour." She is repped by CAA and attorney Bill Skrzyniarz.