Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Arrrgh! The Pirates Dinner Show in Orlando

Hello there, land lubbers! If you’ve got treasure buried somewhere, it’s best to tell us now, because if we have to go digging for it, you’ll be walking the plank! It’s the Pirates Dinner Show in Orlando and it’s an exciting night of fun, fantasy and pirate adventures. Full of audience participation, you’ll love the delicious plentiful food, the amazing sets and the incredible performers as they take you into the world of pirates during this awesome show. Once you enter, you’re invited to start off your evening with a bountiful appetizer buffet as Princess Anita’s special dinner guests. Savor the King's assorted tasty snacks, salads, and special sauces. The faire alone is more than worth the price of admission! The festival buffet is prepared to whet the appetite of absolutely everyone – young and old, pirate, princess or prince. And that’s just the beginning of the evening’s festivities. There’s a feast for the senses coming your way that will surely satiate even the hungriest of pirates at the Pirates Dinner Show in Orlando. It’s an incredible adventure, transporting you to a dreamland like you’ve never seen before, with danger, gold, wenches, and a whole chest of surprises! Discount tickets are available for this wonderful night of fun and frivolity. It’s one evening you and your family will treasure for a lifetime. The Pirates Dinner Show in Orlando. Do not miss it!

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