Sunday, June 07, 2009

Even If You Can't Bend It Like You-Know-Who...

One time, Minnesota Fats lost a pool match to some shmuck, and when they gave the guy a trophy, Fats scowled and said, "If I want a trophy, I'll buy one." And I understand what he was saying--if you want to distinguish yourself in something and give yourself the recognition you deserve--give yourself a trophy; why not? I've always wondered how many soccer trophies Beckham must have. I'm sure it's a lot! Some prefer money over trophies, but there are surely some trophies out there (The Lombardi Trophy, the Stanley Cup and the NBA Championship Basketball trophy, for example.) that are stunning and will always garner major kudos!

You want speed? Think The Flash!

It's amazing how much the comic book The Flash has seeped into our venacular. Now, everything fast is called Flash, like flash animation, compact flash card, flash on the Web, etc. "Do you know someone who can do flash?" people are asking me all the time. Everyone wants flash nowadays, anyway--we want it to be faster and we thrive on speed. People today don't want to wait--for anything. If you don't believe it, go to a busy store where customers are waiting in long lines. You'll see. Speed is the word today and everyone covets the Flash!

We Need Trees Now More than Ever

We need trees, because they produce oxygen and help the environment in so many ways. That's why I have started planting trees. Every year, I go into the hills of Marin and plant saplings. It's my way of keeping the Circle of Life intact. Plus, it's good karma. I suggest you give it a try--get out there and get it done, because when you think about the world and what we're doing to it--you HAVE to get it done. Locate a good tree nursery, talk to their experts and plant a few trees per year. You'll be doing a great thing, because we need trees now more than ever!