Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Get in the Scene with Yoostar!

Yoo-Hoo, it’s a great time every time when you let it rhyme and this new gadget, you can covet it and don’t ever forget it. What am I talking about? It’s called Yoostar and chances are it will go so far. Yoostar can allow you to star in your favorite shows, right alongside the best in the business to share your performance to the entire planet. Get on and stay on it, because Yoostar is the next wave in entertainment. Get 100% into the picture and act your ass off. When you purchase a Yoostar system, all you have to do to get there is take advantage of the tools Yoostar will give you as part of the deal. You get a specially-designed web cam, green screen and stand, remote control and Yoostar software that makes it totally easy to step into the scene with your favorite actors. I’d love to do a scene with Julia Roberts of Megan Fox; I mean any guy would, wouldn’t he? Once you’ve injected yourself in the scene, you can upload the video to Yoostar.com, a 24/7 online multiplex with a HUGE audience of people who want to see your scenes. Check it out. You can’t go wrong with Yoostar!