Saturday, August 11, 2007

If You're Not Thinking About Fixed Asset Accounting Concerns Right Now, My Question To You Is -- WHY NOT!!

There are a lot of fixed asset managers out there as we speak who attempt to calculate depreciation using spreadsheets that they must program and update manually and by hand. This is an archaic way of doing things and these managers are not on the leading edge, to say the very least. Creating deprecation spreadsheets requires an incredible and painstaking expenditure of time and many problems can rear their ugly head. wants to assist you in getting off your spreadsheets and make your life of fixed asset accounting simple. Their Sage FAS® software can inexpensively streamline your fixed asset depreciation and asset inventory tracking activities for lower cost and increased productivity. The whole kit and kaboodle is easy to install, customize, and use. FAS solutions are comprehensive, seamlessly integrated fixed asset management systems perfectly suited for businesses of any size.


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