Tuesday, August 21, 2007

John Mayer Continues Incredible Dating Spree

John Mayer is on a dating spree that any celebrity would be proud of. Within the last year, he's been seen with Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Natalie Portman, Phyllis Diller, Anne Heche and Jennifer Love Hewitt, not to mention a bunch of models, wannabe actresses and other assorted female hotties. The man's little black book is larger than the new version of Webster's Dictionary.

Mayer is on an incredible run, collecting babes like young boys collect baseball cards. Now to top it off, he’s dating Cameron Diaz. We haven't seen a streak like this since Joe DiMaggio hit safely in 56 straight games more than five decades ago.

If Mayer had a hit song for every babe he’s been out with, he’d have sold more records than Elvis Presley and the Beatles combined by now. He’s a serial dater and is completely out-of-control. He needs to start a 12-step program through a program like Dater’s Anonymous (DA).

John Mayer and Diaz kept up their New York flirtation over the weekend, according to www.people.com.

The pair, who were first spotted out together in the city last week, were "all over each other" and "super flirty" at the Bowery Hotel Friday night, an onlooker tells PEOPLE.

Mayer, 29, and Diaz, 34, who sat together on a couch in the back of the patio, "were laughing and talking a lot" as the waitress brought several rounds of drinks, says the source. It's been reported that when Diaz got up to go to the restroom, John got at least 4 phone numbers.

Last Tuesday, the pair were spotted having dessert at the French-Vietnamese restaurant Indochine. "It looked like a casual date," said a source. "She was giggly. She was laughing and seemed happy."

Asked if the newly-close pair are dating, a source close to Mayer tells PEOPLE, "Yes, it's definitely true."

Diaz, who is filming What Happens in Vegas... in New York, split from longtime boyfriend Justin Timberlake in January. Mayer ended his on-again, off-again relationship with Jessica Simpson in June.

A spokesperson for Mayer, Richard Gozinya, said that the Diaz fling is nothing more than an extended booty call. “John is on a tight dating schedule,” Gozinya said. “He has women lined up pretty much through mid-2008. After he’s done with Diaz, he’ll be dating a whole slew of other celebrity ladies, including major names I can’t divulge. He’s even planning on having a few affairs with married women. Once he’s run out of them, he’ll be dating older women, possibly people like Cher and Sharon Stone. The guy is really working it like an over-sexed school boy.”

Mayer has even considered dating dead women, Gozinya said. “The poor guy is very upset that he wasn’t around to date women like Katherine Hepburn, Bette Davis and Martha Raye. He’s thinking of getting with a clairvoyant to find out if they might be interested in hooking up with him from beyond the grave.”

(Portions of this article are fictional and offered for entertainment purposes only.)

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