Monday, August 20, 2007

Pacific Coast League Reunion Report

Ernie Broglio Now
Ernie Broglio Then
Billy Raimondi Now
Billy Raimondi Then
The Pacific Coast League Reunion XIII was held on Saturday, August 18th at the Oakland Museum in downtown Oakland, and was attended by more than 300 former PCL players and fans. Over 30 former PCL players were on hand. There were displays of memorabilia, a great lunch and a 2-hour discussion and presentation. Bill Salveson, son of former PCL star Jack Salveson came all the way from Florida to honor his father’s induction into the PCL Hall of Fame. Former players who played in the PCL and also in the major leagues in attendance included: Charlie Silvera, Ernie Broglio, Bill Renna, Rugger Ardioza, Dario Lodigiani (all of whom I’ve interviewed), as well as the legendary Billy Raimondi, who played as a catcher in the PCL for 21 years.

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