Sunday, May 31, 2009

Outer Banks Has a Ton of Foreclosures!

If you have read this blog in the past, then you know I have a dream spot where I want to live in at some point in my life. And the name of it is Outer Banks. It's a beautiful little coastal town in North Carolina that I love for a plethora of reasons--including the people, the climate, the ocean and the lovely homes. Well, there are a ton of foreclosures going on in Outer Banks. And it's sad. Families are having to sell their vacation homes due to this recession. So, as I have always said--when one door closes for some poor schmuck, well--a doors might just open for me. So, take a long, strong and serious look at some Outer Banks foreclosures. It's my dream spot, and who knows? It might just end up being yours too!

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