Monday, January 21, 2008

Veloce is Molto Bene!

This weekend we had an opportunity to try an amazing spirit called Veloce. We were amazed at its wonderful and unique taste. We loved it!

If I had to describe Veloce, I would say that it’s a nutty, clean-tasting and very refreshing liqueur that goes down smoothly and warms the soul. We’re going out to buy some – to both drink it and attempt to cook with it.

Originally sold many years ago as an elixir, Veloce is a northern Italy winter wheat grain spirit, infused with a 100-year-old Sperone family herbal recipe and a new infusion of peach and apricot flowers.
SFGate recently gave Veloce a great review, saying:
“Another Italian infused liqueur has hit the market, and it's a blend of old and new. Antonio Sperone married the Sperone family's 100-year-old herbal recipe and peach and apricot flowers, and a touch of red wine grappa, resulting in Veloce, a double-infused wheat grain spirit that is light on its feet. The Venetian-themed Ducca restaurant shows it off in the Veloce Sport, a sprightly blend of Belvedere vodka, Veloce and grapefruit juice that might just be the modern-day incarnation of Herb Caen's Vitamin V (vodka).”
If you want to find out some other great drink recipes using Veloce, visit their Web site at:

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