Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Isagenix: The 30-Day Results

Here are the final numbers on my 30-Day Isagenix Program. Start weight: 294 lbs. Today's weight: 269 lbs. Start waist: 54.5 inches. Today's waist: 50.5 inches. Other changes: Better sleep; more energy and a better attitude about life. I don't know if you can tell how much I lost from the photos above. As I said earlier, it's a lot like an iceberg melting. But, I can tell when I step on the scale and when I put on my clothes, because they're mush more loose-fitting. You might even call them baggy! Today I'm starting another 30 days on Isagenix, and my goal is to lose another 20! Thanks for everyone whose been so supportive!


JP Richards said...

Holy crap Ed, 25.0 lbs in 30 days, that's awesome!!!


Do you measure your bodyfat percentage? Because I bet you actually lost more "body fat" weight than that.

Could measure your bodyfat percentage here:

Congrats on having the courage on doing another 30 day Isagenix cleanse!



P.S. I just lost 25.0 of "fat" lbs in 20 days, check it out:

Eva..."The Evolutionary" said...

Wonderful, wonderful blog. You're a funny guy. And congrats on the weight loss--I am going to check out that program!

Anonymous said...

Are you still on the Isagenix program? If so, how is it going? You haven't blogged about it lately.