Sunday, February 11, 2007

Two Teens Kill and Torture Puppy and Get a Long Timeout!

When I read this headline on AOL, it really caught my eye. The teaser read, “Should Teens Have Received 10 Years for Torturing and Killing Puppy?” It got me to read the article, but when I saw the piece, (which I have re-printed below) I read where these delinquents did a lot more than just torture and kill a puppy. They cooked the poor thing in an oven while it was still alive, for one thing! Not to mention one of them is legally an adult! I hate this kind of semi-yellow journalism. You snag me in by misleading me and telling me only part of the story. It’s cheap. Anyway, to answer AOL’s question – yes, I think these kids deserved every bit of the ten years! Studies have proven that serial killers, in many cases, started out by hurting and killing animals just like these two did, before they moved on to snuffing out human beings. These two need counseling and a long timeout. Maybe they'll meet a nice big guy named Bubba when they're in prison and he can teach them the true meaning of "Puppy Love."

ATLANTA (Feb. 10) - Two teenage brothers were each sentenced to 10 years in prison for torturing a puppy by cooking it in an oven.
Joshua Moulder, 17, and Justin, 19, pleaded guilty in January to charges including burglary, criminal damage to property, terrorist threats and cruelty to children.
The brothers brought neighborhood children to see the dead puppy, and then threatened to kill them if they reported it, prosecutors said.
Police said they found the dead mixed-breed puppy inside an oven at an apartment community center Aug. 21. Scratch marks were found inside the oven, indicating the puppy had been alive when it was placed inside, prosecutors said.
A necropsy on the 3-month-old dog found its paws and snout had been duct taped and it had been doused with paint before being placed in the oven, prosecutors said.
Authorities also found damaged computers, broken glass and splattered paint on the walls of the newly refurbished community center.
The brothers' first trial ended in a mistrial in December. Their attorney, Timothy Owens, said he had hoped his clients' sentencing would have focused more on rehabilitation than incarceration.


Reggio Leeming said...

Bravo! These kids (or adults) sound like real a-holes. Let them sit in a cage for awhile. Watch them get out on appeal. I hope not.

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