Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Bush Monkey Boy? American Idol Has Gone Too Far

American Idol is one of those TV shows that I swear I will not watch and then I invariably end up watching it every week. But, after the first two episodes of the new season aired this last week, I just want to say that I think the show has gone too far. People tune in to see Simon Cowell destroy people’s dreams, but when he told that one kid from Seattle that he looked like a bush monkey, that was going too far. Maybe it'as true, but you don't say it to someone's face. I have a neighbor who looks like a collie, but have I told her? Well, not directly. It’s one thing to be brutally honest about someone’s talent, and some of these people are amazingly deluded, but to bash someone’s personal appearance is unkind and uncalled for. Simon is obviously a multi-millionaire, but really what has he done other than be a harsh critic and wear cheap K-Mart t-shirts? If you look at his achievements in the music business, you’ll find that Cowell’s claim to fame came about when he did records with pro wrestlers and the Power Rangers. How can he position himself as a talent expert? It’s a train wreck each week to watch Simon brutally criticize people with dreams of stardom, but when you go after folks about the way they look, it’s cruel and unusual punishment.

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Milos Orlandini said...

You do have to admit it, bro -- that kid does look like a bush monkey. Simon was just calling it like it is -- and that's why we love/hate him.