Monday, August 07, 2006

Wendy Diamond knows Squat About Dogs and Human Relationships

“Animal Fair” magazine founder Wendy Diamond is also the author of the book, “What a Lucky Dog! How to Understand Men through Their Dogs”. She claims in a recent article I saw on Yahoo! that you can surmise a lot about a man by the kind of dog he owns.

For instance, she says that Chihuahua men are very demanding as a rule and like to be the center of attention. She says Rottweiler men are overly protective when they sense their loved ones are in danger. And she claims that guys who own Golden Retrievers aren’t above going through your closets and drawers when you’re not home. Diamond believes that dogs can sniff out whether a relationship will work or not.

This kind of pop psychology is a complete pile of stinky dog poo. No wonder Wendy Diamond is still single. This woman needs a long walk and then she needs to be put in her crate! I lift my leg on her ridiculous theories. Dogs live to hump the couch and sniff other dog’s hey-nanny-nannies. They know just about as much about human relationships as Diamond does. Next thing you know she’ll be telling us that Dalmatians can do marriage counseling or that Poodles can sense when your significant other is hot to trot. She’ll probably also try to get us to believe that Great Danes know if someone is cheating in a relationship and show it by relieving themselves on the leg of the offending party.

Get a clue, Wendy and stop being so silly. Guys are a little smarter than dogs (in most cases) and can see right through this kind of garbage. If you want to find a good guy, go down to the Humane Society and pick one up. If you were my girlfriend I’d probably run out into traffic or ask to be put to sleep.

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