Sunday, August 06, 2006

Dem Bums Gone Rise Again!

Just when you thought the LA Dodgers were dead and gone, they come back! After the all-star break, the Blue Crew went on a bad run, losing 13 out of 14. Now they're in the midst of a nine-game winning streak and the team has found a whole new way of winning. Just when things were looking bleak, this team is back on track. With the Giants, Rockies, Padres and D-Bax playing mediocre baseball, the race to the finish in the NL West is about to get really interesting. Watch out Cardinals, Mets, et al -- this team is young, aggressive and pumped up!! With a nucleus of rookies and veterans, and the addition of guys like Maddux, Lugo and Betimet -- the Dodgers are rolling and poised to make a run. Jeff Kent who? Nomar who? We would like our injured vets to come back, but in the meantime the young kids are getting it done. It should be a fun MLB season the rest of the way!

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