Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I Feel Really Old Today

I feel really ancient today. I have a gimpy knee, I stubbed my toe yesterday and it's swollen up to the size of a small plum, my shoulder aches, I have a sinus thing going and my neck hurts because I slept on it in a weird position. I feel like the guy in this picture. And, since this painting was probably done in the 1500's, that would mean I feel about 500 years old. Maybe I was this poor schmuck back then and now I've come back as the poor schmuck I am today. Just a thought. Oh great, now I have a headache. I shouldn't try to think of heavy stuff before I've had my morning coffee.
For people who feel the same way I do today -- really old -- there's an organization for you called the AARP. Their web site is My only problem is that you have to be over 50 to get in, and since I'm almost 48, I don't qualify. Maybe I can convince them that since I feel at least 65, I should be let in early. The whole concept makes me tired.

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