Tuesday, March 16, 2010

All the Way with Anime!

If you’re a huge fan of anime, you need to check out the Animax Asia anime series. The world of asian anime has taken off in a spectacular way. The technology has given the entire animation field a substantial boost and you will consistently be amazed by the great things you’ll discover. Everything Japanese is big in the gold old US of A, so get on the anime train right now and you won’t regret it. One example of that is the Wipeout the TV show. It was originated in Japan, but now you can see the show on ABC in the U.S. I recently saw a sample of some of the hottest cutting-edge anime in the world and it blew me away. Some of it is so lush and colorful that it looks real! It is amazing. I first got into anime more than a decade ago, and back then the stories attracted me because they are so layered. Not like some of the silly cartoons we produce in this country. If you want quality animation, anime is the way to go. It’s so detailed and all of the characters are so well-developed. One of the finest anime shows on TV right now is Gurren Lagann, which is called mecha anime. Check it out my blog fans!


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