Sunday, August 02, 2009

Will There Be Luggage In Heaven?

Can we bring luggage to Heaven? Will there be a two-piece maximum and will they charge for additional bags? Will they search my bags? Will there by a Skycap there to carry my bags? Is it appropriate to tip the Skycap and what's the proper amount? What if I'm late? CAN you be late for Heaven? All these questions dart through my mind like annoying little fruit flies. I just bought some new Samsonite luggage with a lifetime warranty and I'm wondering if I can bring it with me to Heaven? Does the warranty apply in Heaven? Does God honor warranties? Because most humans sure don't! Maybe I'm being a little presumptuous even thinking about Heaven. I'm assuming a lot! Maybe I should go to Mass this work all this stuff out.

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Tim said...

Ed, you've always been a funny guy. I love it. Thanks for the thoughtful insights.

Signed, an old friend from long ago....