Thursday, June 04, 2009

TV Stand Smackdown with the Real Big 3!

I'll never forget it. I was five, my brother three. It was 1963. We were watching the Three Stooges. They were doing their patented knuck knucks, eye gouges and face slapping routine when my little bro decides to try out a few of his Stooge-like moves on me. Before I can react, he has me by the neck and is slamming my above average sized head into the TV stand. Mind you, he's only three!

He smacks me into the TV stand to the point where I'm dizzy, so I throw out my legs and send him flying across the room. He slams into the wall and rolls to the ground. The little guy's down for a few seconds, then gets back up, shakes his head like a dog who has just been hit by a car, picks up his security blanket, and joins me back in front of the TV like nothing has happened. Whew! I said. I thought I had killed him. What's my point? Part of the whole Stooges mentality revolved around the fact that they could both give and take a bunch. I love them for that!

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