Thursday, June 11, 2009

Joy Behar is the 2nd Most Annoying Person in the World!

Wisecracking 'View' co-host Joy Behar is getting her own talk show on HLN, a CNN offshoot, and will be bumping Lou Dobbs from his 9 p.m. time slot in the process.

Behar is a bag of hot air--the most annoying, loud, grating, unfunny "comic" who ever lived, and every time she speaks I want to grab a pistol and whip myself with it. The fact that she is getting her own show is one of the real tragedies of our time.

I could sit on my couch lighting farts and doing bad karaoke for an hour and be more entertaining than Behar on her best night. One thing I haven't found out yet--does the fact that she's getting her own show means she's off The View? (Then, this news isn't quite so bad)

CNN, once the home of Glen Beck, is hoping to boost its primetime ratings with 'The Joy Behar Show.' The 65-year-old star told the New York Times that the show will be "topical and fun" and that she'll continue her work on ABC's 'The View.'
To make way for the new program, a repeat of 'Lou Dobbs Tonight' will be nixed.
From my sub-headline, you're probably asking yourself--who does Ed think is the MOST annoying person in the world? (Hint: her initials are J.R.)

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Anonymous said...

I'll take a swag and say Joan Rivers. Big J...........