Sunday, April 05, 2009

Does Life On the Edge Start in Outer Banks?

If you have never heard of Outer Banks, North Carolina--you should! Take a moment to do a little research about this beautiful region of the country and you won't be sorry. Outer Banks has it all-great beaches; fishing; all types of watersports; boating; sightseeing and more. Known for their great lighthouses (like the Corolla Lighthouse in the photo featured above), Outer Banks might just provide you with that top-tier vacation experience you're looking for. Life in California (especially here in busy San Francisco) can get to be too much at times, so let's take this Sunday morning to thank THE BIG GUY for creating a place as wonderful as Outer Banks, North Carolina. (And while I'm saying this, I'd also like to add one more thing--Go Michigan State!)

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