Saturday, February 07, 2009

Who Invented the Stereo Cabinet?

If you know your tech history, you're aware of the fact that a man named Alan Blumlein invented stereo in 1931, when he got a patent on what he called "binaural sound." Blumlein has never received complete credit for this amazing invention. The other day someone asked me a very interesting question-who invented the stereo cabinet? I did some research and the answer is complex. Many have claimed credit--people like James Hanley, Jay O'Neil, Ricard Liss, Dr. Ronny Berquist and others--but no one knows for sure. It's a mystery wrapped up in an enigma and tied up with a big 'ol question mark. One day, maybe historians will be able to track down the truth about who really invented the stereo cabinet. Stay tuned--I am not done doing my research on this topic. If any readers know anything or have inside information, let me know.

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