Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kirstie Alley is BIG Again!

Kirstie Alley lost all that weight and now she's back in a BIG way (and I'm not talking about her career) In fact, the photo above shows her squirting people with a water pistol filled with maple syrup and butter. (Please don't ask me to elaborate). Alley worked so hard to lose the poundage and now she's back to breaking scales! I can totally empathize with her. I have gone through the yo-yoing myself many times, and it's so frustrating. Alley might want to consider weight loss supplements. They can help her more than Jenny Craig ever could. A good supply of the proper weight loss supplements will allow Kirstie to take the weight off and keep it off. I am now down to 245 (from 310), so I know from experience--she's gonna do it because she's gotta do it. We're all pulling for you, Kirstie! Good luck!

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